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Remote control the tracking engine

The 7pace Tracking API

Automate and remote control the 7pace Timetrackers’ tracking engine, syncronized across all interfaces and clients.

Integrate tracking into your environment, allow triggers and events to start, stop and pause tracking on the right workitems in Azure DevOps, or, even create an own client to 7pace Timetracker for four very own use case.

Create, Read, Update and Delete records

The 7pace CRUD API

Roll your own custom application, process, or system with the 7pace CRUD programming interface.

7pace offers a completely featured interface to access time records in the 7pace time hub.

Get ready to build individual solutions that use triggers and events from your infrastructure to add or modify efforts.

Put your data to good use

The 7pace Reporting API version 3

Use data from Azure DevOps and 7pace to build custom reports or dashboards and key in on the insights that matter to your team.

The Reporting API offers dynamic access to the complete data of 7pace Timetracker and also provides predefined mathematical functions to query. Strong versioning guarantuees longterm maintenance. Analysing and reporting is made efficient and performant.

Use Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft PowerPivot, Microsoft Excel or your systems infrastucture such as SAP to access structured, dynmaic data from 7pace and Azure DevOps.

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