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Published:Nov 28, 2019

5.1.0 Release Features Improvements & Fixes in Reporting

7pace Timetracker’s latest release, 5.1.0, includes tweaks, fixes and improvements to our “Reporting” page. We continue to roll “Reporting” out in batches. As we gather your feedback, we will continue to make fixes and improvements. 

One fix we made to “Reporting” was to widgets. Widgets now refresh instantly if they have been reconfigured/updated. We’ve also fixed the issue where the dates on the widget were not matching the dates on the filter.

All iterations within “Reporting” are now displaying in the “Iterations” filter dropdown. Previously, only the first 100 were displaying. 

In addition to “Reporting”, the “Add Time” logic on the “Monthly” page is now working correctly if the server timezone and client timezone have a difference of greater than 12 hours. 

Further, on the “Approval” page, timesheets are now sorting alphabetically by approval manager name and users’ names.

Finally, in an effort to optimize performance on the “Timesheet” page, we have made some changes to the page filters to reduce page load time.

Timesheet page filters updated to optimize page performance

When a DevOps organization is large, it creates requests that take a long time to retrieve and return information on all projects, all iterations within those projects and then all work items within those iterations.

In order to see the ” View by This Week’s Iterations” option, please ensure that the “Current Project” filter is checked/enabled. This will show all iteration work items, but only for the current project. 

This change in functionality is to improve page performance and our team is still working on how we can bring back the original filtering without impacting performance for large projects. We appreciate your input and feedback on this change and as always, we are listening.

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For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details on this and all other releases, please check our release articles here.

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