Published:Apr 20, 2020

7pace helping you keep the world running during COVID-19

First thing’s first, we’d like to thank all of those who are keeping the world running. We have plenty of essential businesses using our software and we are proud to support them during this time. We won’t call it a time of uncertainty (you’ve probably heard this a million times) but rather a time where we suddenly realize how important people and their work is

Our team is working from home, but that isn’t much of a change. We’ve been remote-first for years and though many of us are rockstar moms and dads or partners of essential workers, we’re working a fairly normal schedule.

We also know that plenty of hardworking and amazing people in the tech scene have been furloughed or lost their jobs in the last few weeks. Because we are remote-first, maybe we can help. 7pace is looking for people and we’d appreciate it if you share that with your friends. If you don’t see the job that is right for you on our open positions, you can also apply to our application pool.

What is the availability of 7pace Timetracker?

All in all, not too much. We are lucky to be an early adopter of work from home policies. That means that our internal communication and processes were not impacted by this pandemic. We’re rolling out new features and working full speed ahead on our GitHub product.

What if your company is impacted and needs help? 

Though it’s business as usual for us, for users of 7pace Timetracker that might not be the case. If you need help, reach out to us; we will do our best to get you the support you need. 

Stay safe, stay healthy. 
-7pace Team

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12-13-2020 09:44

12-13-2020 09:44