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Published:Jun 15, 2021

7pace Reporting & API Tutorial

Learn how to use the 7pace Timetracker API as well as create your own custom reports. This webinar includes a deep dive into the syntax and parameters used with the Timetracker Reporting API.

7pace Reporting & API Webinar

What is covered in this webinar:

    • An overview of 7pace Timetracker’s API
    • Types of token used
    • Setting up the Reporting API
    • Using Postman to query the API
    • Reporting API Reference page explained
    • How to compile OData query
    • Using Excel to query the API
    • How to change Excel query
    • Query to see time spent on Epics during a timeframe
    • Query to show all time tracked on a project
    • Querying workitems with tags
    • Querying workitems with custom fields
    • Useful documentation links
    • Q&A

    Click here to access the video.

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