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Published:Nov 13, 2020

7pace Timetracker Adds Ability to Authorize with Personal Access Token (PAT)

In our 5.12 release, 7pace Timetracker has added Personal Access Token (PAT) as one of the default ways of authorizing 7pace Timetracker for DevOps Services (cloud only), in addiiton to authorizing by OAuth.

What is the difference, you ask?

Many consider OAuth to be a more seamless, short-term authorization method in that the token refreshes itself automatically and frequently. The only potential drawback may occur if something goes wrong during the refresh tokens process, which will require you to issue your token it again.

With the Personal Access Token (PAT) method of authorization, you have to manually reissue the token, but it remains valid for a period of up to one (1) year. 

Having both methods available adds another layer of choice and reliability for our users.

Want to know more about 7pace Timetracker authorization?

With the introduction of our integrated Web Client, found on every page of our extension, 7pace Timetracker tracks time on a server. This means that even when you finish your work, close your browser, and go home for the day, 7pace Timetracker keeps tracking time for you in the background. As soon as you re-open 7pace Timetracker or our downloadable Windows Client, you will see actual tracked time from the moment you clicked the “Start Tracking” button.

To enable this functionality, we use tokens. You need to authorize our application in order to download our Windows Client, use our Web Client and other great features within 7pace Timetracker.

For even more nitty gritty, click here!

All our current and past release information can be found here.

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