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Published:May 28, 2019

Approval & Performance Improvements Made in 4.28 Release

In 7pace Timetracker’s 4.28 release, performance improvements were implemented for bulk operations and bulk work item updates, such as bulk delete, import, CRUD API, etc., (performance for these operations have been improved 8-15 times). To illustrate this, the import time of 1000 records improved from 10 minutes to 40-70 seconds. Bulk worklog removal of 1000 records on the Times Explorer page previously took 8 minutes; it now takes only 30-40 secs.

We’ve also made some changes and improvements in the Approval functionality of 7pace Timetracker. When we introduced the Approval Manager’s feature in our last release, Timetracker administrators were automatically given Global Approval Manager rights by default. This has been changed so that they no longer have these rights by default and must be assigned these permissions like every other user of our extension.

Also in Approval, the current week is displayed in the “Unsubmitted” list now. The current week also now stands out visually more now, displaying in cursive in the “Archive”, “Unsubmitted” and “Pending” lists and is denoted as “Current”, if selected.

In the “Settings” section of Timetracker, under “Approval”, a “Remove all” button was added to Approval Managers list for greater ease of use for large teams.

For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in Timetracker 4.28 and all other releases, our release articles can be found here:

You can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker (on-prem) for DevOps Server here:

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