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[{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/00_Header_Capitalization-of-software-development-scaled.jpg","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/capitalizing-software-development","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Apr 21, 2022","month":"Apr 21","year":2022,"title":"Software Development Cost Capitalization in an Agile World","text":"Learn the basic concepts of software development cost capitalization and how to generate accurate data-driven insights to inform your capitalization decisions."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/app-cover.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/time-tracking-is-even-easier-with-7paces-desktop-app","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"},{"name":"Cloud","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/updates/cloud"},{"name":"On-Premises","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/updates/on-premises"}],"date":"Nov 08, 2021","month":"Nov 08","year":2021,"title":"Time Tracking Is Even Easier With 7pace’s Desktop App","text":"Did you know that 7pace has a downloadable desktop app (for both Mac and Windows) that allows you to not only track time on-the-fly, but also lets you smoothly and seamlessly add, edit, delete, and duplicate time without ever having to leave the app itself? We’ve come a long way from the original design of what used to be referred to as our “Windows Client”. After gathering feedback directly from..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/COVER-DOT-NET-1.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/7pace-timetracker-officially-running-on-net-core","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Nov 19, 2020","month":"Nov 19","year":2020,"title":"7pace Timetracker Officially Running on .Net Core","text":"For the first time in our history, 7pace Timetracker is no longer running in a Windows-exclusive environment. We’re stoked to share that we’ve made the switch to .NET Core! When 7pace Timetracker officially launched in 2012, the ASP.NET MVC 3 framework was an obvious choice for us to work with. Since then, a lot has changed, and at 7pace, we pride ourselves on being adaptive to and on top of..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/toxic.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/timekeeping-is-not-toxix","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Aug 25, 2020","month":"Aug 25","year":2020,"title":"Timekeeping Isn\u0026#8217;t Toxic. Your Management Is.","text":"Many developers think timekeeping is a toxic part of their jobs. But timekeeping isn’t the problem — your bosses are."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Work-remote-1.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/remote-work-tips-from-our-wfh-experienced-team","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Apr 23, 2020","month":"Apr 23","year":2020,"title":"Remote Work Tips from Our WFH Experienced Team","text":"I’m going to skip the typical ‘Coronavirus is changing how we work’\u0026nbsp; introduction. You know what’s going on \u0026#8211; if you don’t, have you been locked in a cave on an island somewhere? Are you okay? To date, 50,470,287.78 hours have been tracked with 7pace Timetracker in Azure DevOps, and it\u0026#8217;s worth celebrating that all this happened fueled 100% by remote-work. Taking a look behind the tool, we took some..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/7pace-for-Github-1.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/7pace-for-github-announcement","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Mar 12, 2020","month":"Mar 12","year":2020,"title":"Coming Soon: 7pace for GitHub","text":"Back in 2012, when we started 7pace (formerly TFS Timetracker), we had a straightforward goal for our company. Timekeeping for developers sucks and we want to fix it. Fast forward to 2020 and we’ve made a lot of progress. With more than 1,500 companies now using 7pace, including enterprises like HP, Orange, Microsoft, Accenture, and Caterpillar, it’s clear that our product fits a need for software teams. We’ve done a..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/cover-Azure-v2.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/introducing-azure-devops","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Sep 11, 2018","month":"Sep 11","year":2018,"title":"RIP TFS \u0026#038; VSTS: Introducing Azure DevOps","text":"We’re gathered here today to announce the departure of a beloved friend. Microsoft TFS and VSTS are no more. Alright, that was probably a bit dramatic. Microsoft is rebranding their development tools and associated services. They just announced it today. TFS and VSTS will, henceforth, be known simply as Azure DevOps. This rebrand really means two things for those of us in the Microsoft developer universe. First of all, we..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/cover-build-7pace-mobile.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/7pace-at-microsoft-build-2018","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"May 06, 2018","month":"May 06","year":2018,"title":"7pace announces Timetracker smartphone client at Microsoft Build 2018 \u0026#8211; meet us in Seattle!","text":"7pace is at Microsoft Build 2018, presenting the 7pace Timetracker mobile client for the first time to the public. Marc Schaeffler, CEO and founder of 7pace, will be at the Visual Studio Partner booth. Première: The New Timetracker Mobile Client It\u0026#8217;s a new product built from scratch, extensively using the client API that was introduced with 7pace Timetracker 4 \u0026#8211;  the Timetracker mobile client for iOS and Android is about..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/cover-rebuild.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/how-we-rebuilt-the-house","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Apr 23, 2018","month":"Apr 23","year":2018,"title":"How We Rebuilt the House","text":"You recently heard how we almost burned down the house.  Well, our development team has been diligently researching, assembling our tools, and working hard to rebuild that house from the foundation up. Because everyone knows that a home’s foundation is the most important part. Is the house move-in-ready? Almost. We’re not 100% done. But we are committed to working non-stop until Timetracker is the house \u0026#8211; er, application \u0026#8211; that..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Cover-I-apologize.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/we-failed","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Feb 21, 2018","month":"Feb 21","year":2018,"title":"How We Almost Burned Down the House","text":"November 2017 \u0026#8211; we were prepared for the event of the year. Timetracker 4 was about to become publicly available. Even though the new features list was ultimately not that long, the significant change in the architecture was quite a milestone for 7pace and the future of Timetracker. Product version 3 only allowed the stopping of time locally on the Windows Client. Version 4 lifted this feature into the core..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/cover-7pace-v4-release.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/timetracker-4-released","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Nov 15, 2017","month":"Nov 15","year":2017,"title":"Happy New Client Interface! 7pace Timetracker 4 is here.","text":"Did you know it all started with the Windows client? When we first implemented a tool for tracking time on items in the backlog, we wrote a desktop application to track work in a database. After 5 years of development, Timetracker has grown to become a popular standard for time management within the Microsoft ALM environment. But tracking time was still based on the engine running on your desktop, which..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/cover-discontinued.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/why-we-discontinue-the-visual-studio-add-on","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Oct 17, 2017","month":"Oct 17","year":2017,"title":"Why we discontinue the Visual Studio Add-On","text":"We have decided to discontinue the support for the Timetracker Visual Studio Add-On with the upcoming release of Timetracker 4. Removing a part of the product is bad. Users will be disappointed; some may even lose an important solution to a personal use case. Let me tell you a little bit about our initial plans, the history, and the decision. Moreover, there is a call to action for you. Why..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/summit.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/7pace-at-microsoft-visual-studio-partner-summit-2017","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Oct 01, 2017","month":"Oct 01","year":2017,"title":"7pace at Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Summit 2017","text":"Tuesdays are usually somewhat typical for me, as far as days go, as I settle in at my home office in Celebration, Florida. I usually check my email and browse Zendesk and our 7pace Community for any tickets or communication from our customers, and then dive into the other tasks for the day. But Tuesday, September 19 was not going to follow any pattern or road I had travelled on..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Cover-New-Blog.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/we-proudly-present-the-new-blog","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"May 11, 2017","month":"May 11","year":2017,"title":"We Proudly Present: The New Blog","text":"If you’re reading this message, it’s because you’ve found your way to our new blog. A few months ago, we changed our name and our brand to 7pace. Now, we’re doing something else new and officially launching our blog. If you’d like to hear stuff that we have to say, this will be the best place to do that. Our blog will contain four main categories: Time to code \u0026#8211;..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/support-screenshot.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/the-all-new-support-is-here","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Mar 24, 2017","month":"Mar 24","year":2017,"title":"The All-New Support is Here!","text":"After months of revising all pieces of our support, the new site is now available to the public."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/blog-post-7pace-rebranding-e1494499340241.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/introducing-7pace-our-new-name-and-brand-identity","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Mar 08, 2017","month":"Mar 08","year":2017,"title":"Introducing 7pace, Our New Name and Brand Identity","text":"It\u0027s a new day for our company. We are now officially 7pace. Read the details on our rebranding and renaming and what it means for our users."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Cover-Under-support.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/support-sites-renovation","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Dec 02, 2016","month":"Dec 02","year":2016,"title":"Support sites under construction","text":"In our mission to offer best support for all customers, we are redesigning all support sites. There will be dust and shavings, please read on to check out what is happening."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/marc_connect_onstage.jpg","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/tfs-timetracker-microsoft-connect-2015","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Nov 23, 2015","month":"Nov 23","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker @ Microsoft Connect() //2015","text":"TFS Timetracker for Visual Studio Team Services, live on Microsoft Developer Division\u0026#8217; largest conference keynote What an awesome experience! We announced the availability of TFS Timetracker for Visual Studio Team Services direct at the Connect(), the biggest event of the development division from Microsoft, live on stage, in the keynote from Brian Harry! It was a couple weeks ago when Microsoft asked us to present TFS Timetracker, on behalf of..."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Cover-new-docs.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/new-documentation-arrived","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Jul 10, 2015","month":"Jul 10","year":2015,"title":"New documentation arrived!","text":"Fine new art: docs.tfs-timetracker.com All documentation and online help is still available at the same adress, but the look has changes, the content became just bigger and better structured."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Cover-New-shop.jpg","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/new-shop-is-online","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Mar 11, 2015","month":"Mar 11","year":2015,"title":"New shop is online!","text":"Web, Shop, Blog \u0026#8211; the online appearance of TFS Timetracker has been redesigned Last week we released our new shop to public, together with a redesined website. While the changes in web and blog are more of cosmetic nature, the shop has been undergoing a significant extension and offers customers now a lot more than just simple \u0026#8220;check-out\u0026#8221;. In the lifecycle of using TFS Timetracker there are kind a lot of requirements...."},{"image":"https://www.7pace.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Cover-doc2.png","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/new-online-documentation-released","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":"https://www.7pace.com/blog/category/7pace"}],"date":"Nov 24, 2014","month":"Nov 24","year":2014,"title":"New Online Documentation Released","text":"TFS Timetracker Now With Comprehensive Online Documentation Today we released the new Online Documentation for TFS Timetracker. Whenever you need a tutorial or help you are invited to http://docs.tfs-timetracker.com, which will server as a fully indexed source of all knowledge how to configure and use TFS Timetracker."}]

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