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[{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 28, 2021","month":"Sep 28","year":2021,"title":"How We Take On Time Tracking Challenges On GitHub For Enterprises","text":"7pace for GitHub helps you migrate to GitHub more cost-efficiently by giving you the data you need to create better estimations and shorten downtime. "},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 14, 2021","month":"Sep 14","year":2021,"title":"How We Built a Beta Audience For Our New 7pace For GitHub Software","text":"Launching a new software? Building a beta audience can help you get feedback and create the best possible product. Here’s how we did it with 7pace for GitHub."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 13, 2021","month":"Sep 13","year":2021,"title":"How To Plan a Go-to-Market Strategy For a New Software Product","text":"How we planned the go-to-market strategy for 7pace For GitHub by connecting our target audience, product, and mission to create a powerful message"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 08, 2021","month":"Sep 08","year":2021,"title":"How To Nail Your Software Launch Date","text":"Peek under the hood to see how we balance time, resources, and features to determine the release date for our new product, 7pace For GitHub."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 31, 2021","month":"Aug 31","year":2021,"title":"How We Balance Staffing Decisions When Developing a New Product","text":"Resource allocation is challenging when developing a new product, while keeping up with customer needs on an existing platform. Here\u0027s how we made it work."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 24, 2021","month":"Aug 24","year":2021,"title":"See How We Create Accurate Estimates When Planning For Something Entirely New","text":"This post is part of a series where we document our journey of building a new product, 7pace For GitHub in real-time. We share our experience and what we have learned along the way. Here’s how it all started. Estimating how much time you need to work on an entirely new product can be challenging. You don’t have any precedent to reference, so how can you estimate the time and..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 17, 2021","month":"Aug 17","year":2021,"title":"Fixed vs Growth Mindset: 2 Attitudes that Shape How We Live \u0026#038; Work","text":"Fixed vs growth mindset: Which one do you have, and how is it affecting your life, work, and abilities?"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 20, 2021","month":"Jul 20","year":2021,"title":"Productivity vs Efficiency: Why Developers Need to Know the Difference","text":"Learn the difference between productivity vs. efficiency. Plus, how to identify and track the right metrics to improve your software development process."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 14, 2021","month":"Jul 14","year":2021,"title":"GitHub Time Tracking: Peek Under the Hood As We Build","text":"We’re about to unleash 7pace for GitHub. Look under the hood as we build our GitHub time tracking extension. Plus, get first dibs when you join us!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"May 25, 2021","month":"May 25","year":2021,"title":"Every Developer Needs a Mentor","text":"Every developer needs a mentor, not just to teach them job skills, but to help them level up their personal growth, too."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"May 11, 2021","month":"May 11","year":2021,"title":"Is Accountability a Skill?","text":"It’s time for companies to stop saying accountability is one of their values. Accountability is a skill that employees can learn — with the right resources and support."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 22, 2021","month":"Apr 22","year":2021,"title":"6 Ways to Improve Your Programming Problem Solving","text":"Problem solving is an essential skill for software engineers. Here’s how to get better at it."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 08, 2021","month":"Apr 08","year":2021,"title":"7 Negative Effects of Micromanagement on Software Teams","text":"What are the negative effects of micromanagement on software teams? What can managers do instead? This ultimate guide has all the answers for creating a healthy, happy workplace."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Mar 23, 2021","month":"Mar 23","year":2021,"title":"How Much Work Can You Really Get Done?","text":"Are knowledge workers really only productive for three hours per day? Here’s how to find out — and how to boost your own productivity at work."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Mar 09, 2021","month":"Mar 09","year":2021,"title":"Monroe\u0026#8217;s Motivated Sequence: How People Like Steve Jobs Use Science to Become Better Speakers","text":"Being a better public speaker can help developers advance their careers and communicate their ideas. Here’s the simple strategy Steve Jobs used to craft effective public speeches."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Feb 23, 2021","month":"Feb 23","year":2021,"title":"Why Developers Procrastinate (and How to Stop)","text":"Should you be working instead of reading this article? Here’s why procrastination in the workplace is so common — and some techniques developers can use to finally stop doing it."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Feb 09, 2021","month":"Feb 09","year":2021,"title":"The Optimized You: Self-Improvement Via Time Tracking","text":"Exploring how time tracking can assist in self-improvement, how to effectively track your time using tools, and how to avoid the pitfalls of over optimization."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 26, 2021","month":"Jan 26","year":2021,"title":"Should Time Tracking Be Optional for Development Teams?","text":"Should time tracking be optional for development teams? Two experts weigh in on a subject that’s divided the software community for years."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 26, 2021","month":"Jan 26","year":2021,"title":"Automation Tools for DevOps: Every Tool You Need in 2021","text":"Automation tools for DevOps are the next big thing in software development. These are all the automation tools your team needs to know about right now."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 26, 2021","month":"Jan 26","year":2021,"title":"Best Places to Work: What List-Making Tech Companies Have In Common","text":"What do the companies on those ‘Best Places to Work’ lists all have in common? Here’s the answer — and how any company can follow their lead."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 25, 2021","month":"Jan 25","year":2021,"title":"Ideal Days vs. Story Points: Which Is Better and Why?","text":"Ideal days vs. story points: Which one is better for estimating software projects? Here’s why we prefer story points, and why we think you should too."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 21, 2021","month":"Jan 21","year":2021,"title":"How High Performance Teams Develop, Work, and Solve Problems","text":"Nobody ever said building and maintaining a high-performing dev team was an easy job. Here’s how to develop the seven key traits of high-performing teams, and apply them to conflict resolution."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 19, 2021","month":"Jan 19","year":2021,"title":"These Are the 21 Best Developer Productivity Tools","text":"Lost in the sea of productivity tools available online? If you want to actually work smarter, you need these 21 top tools just for developers"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 15, 2021","month":"Jan 15","year":2021,"title":"Managing Up: How Developers Can Better Communicate to Management","text":"Whether you have a truly bad boss, or just one who’s overworked, overextended, disorganized, or disengaged, the secret to smooth workplace relationships is managing up. Here’s what you need to know."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 08, 2021","month":"Jan 08","year":2021,"title":"Lead time vs Cycle time vs Takt time: A Comprehensive Guide to Work \u0026#038; Time","text":"How do you measure your productivity at work — with lead time, cycle time, takt time, or something else altogether? Here’s what those all mean, and how to use each to your advantage."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Nov 17, 2020","month":"Nov 17","year":2020,"title":"How to Scope Software Projects When Everything is Something You\u0026#8217;ve Never Done Before","text":"It’s a common problem for software teams: How do you scope work when you’ve never done this kind of project before? The answer lies in a tool many devs aren’t using to its full potential."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Oct 12, 2020","month":"Oct 12","year":2020,"title":"Azure DevOps vs GitHub: Which Toolstack Is Better for Software Teams?","text":"Trying to decide between Azure DevOps and GitHub tools? Here are all their pros and cons — and which one is ultimately better for software teams."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 22, 2020","month":"Sep 22","year":2020,"title":"Managing a Remote Team of Developers \u0026#8211; What Makes It Work?","text":"With more and more teams making the shift to remote work, here’s how the best managers set up their distributed teams of developers for success."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 08, 2020","month":"Sep 08","year":2020,"title":"Turning \u0026#8220;Life Hacks\u0026#8221; Into Habits","text":"One-off “life hacks” are one way to boost your productivity or efficiency at work. But what if you ditched the hacks and built good habits instead? Here’s how.\n"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 28, 2020","month":"Jul 28","year":2020,"title":"We\u0026#8217;ve Spent 208,000 Hours in Azure DevOps. Here\u0026#8217;s What We Learned","text":"It doesn’t take 208,000 to learn to love Azure DevOps, but that’s how much time we’ve spent using it, so take it from us."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 07, 2020","month":"Jul 07","year":2020,"title":"Learning is Work, Too","text":"So you go to college (or trade school, or an apprenticeship, or internship) and you learn the skills you need for your chosen profession. Then, once you’ve finished learning, you start doing the job. That’s how it works, right? Wrong. Totally wrong. In today’s work culture, we have this misconception that the path toward a career is a linear one: Learning first, then the job —\u0026nbsp;once you’ve learned enough to..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jun 23, 2020","month":"Jun 23","year":2020,"title":"You Don\u0026#8217;t Need More Time. You Need Healthier Systems.","text":"Ever found yourself wishing there were more hours in a day so you could get more done? Actually, you don’t need more time. You just need better systems for time management, prioritization, and focus."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jun 09, 2020","month":"Jun 09","year":2020,"title":"Here’s What Science Says About How Music Affects Your Productivity","text":"Can listening to music at work actually boost your productivity? Well, sometimes. Years and years of research shows there’s no simple answer to the question of whether you should jam out to a playlist while working."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"May 22, 2020","month":"May 22","year":2020,"title":"Most Teams Aren\u0026#8217;t Using Azure DevOps to Its Full Potential","text":"Could your team be getting more value out of Azure DevOps tools? Probably. Here’s how."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 29, 2020","month":"Apr 29","year":2020,"title":"Does Technology Create Habits—Or Do Habits Create Technology?","text":"Which came first, the habit or the software? That’s not how the old adage goes, but it’s still an important question for developers to ask."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 13, 2020","month":"Apr 13","year":2020,"title":"How Implementing Azure DevOps Can Help Fix Your Broken Development Culture","text":"The old adage, “teamwork makes the dream work,” definitely applies to engineering. Teams that don’t work together are getting left behind by teams that do. The successful modern development teams value agility, collaboration, and a constant eye toward the end user experience. If your team is missing deadlines, working in silos, and more concerned with the process than the end results, your development culture may be broken. There\u0026#8217;s no simple..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Mar 06, 2020","month":"Mar 06","year":2020,"title":"Software Project Profitability: How Muddy Boots Uses 7pace to Keep Projects Profitable","text":"Produce supply chain startup Muddy Boots didn’t expect 7pace Timetracker to improve project profitability, but it did. Here’s how."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Feb 26, 2020","month":"Feb 26","year":2020,"title":"What Causes Bugs, Anyway?","text":"They may not be creepy or crawly, but software bugs are just as annoying as the insect kind. Here’s what causes them, and some ways you can squash them in your code."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Feb 03, 2020","month":"Feb 03","year":2020,"title":"Most Meetings Are Pointless (But They Don’t Have To Be)","text":"For me, the most productive part of my workday\u0026#8211;when I really hit my stride and get in the groove to do my best writing\u0026#8211;is between 10 a.m. and lunchtime. Usually around 1 or 2 (I like to eat late so I don’t break my flow during those productive morning hours). For some reason, though, those are also prime time for meetings. This means that the time of my day when..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 23, 2020","month":"Jan 23","year":2020,"title":"AI Is Here to Make Developers’ Jobs So Much Easier","text":"The year is 2029. The Skynet artificial intelligence network has become self-aware. The machines have initiated a nuclear holocaust, and mankind’s only hope of survival rests in the hands of John Connor, who has rallied the few remaining humans into a resistance army that plans to overthrow the sentient AI overlords who now control Earth. Will they succeed?\u0026nbsp; OK, that’s not real life. That’s 100 percent the plot of Terminator,..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 14, 2020","month":"Jan 14","year":2020,"title":"WTF is Autonomy, Anyway?","text":"Jack Welch, the chairman and CEO of General Motors who took the company from a modest success to an international household name, had this to say about his preferred style of managing his employees: “Communicate your ideas, distribute resources, and get out of the way.” In other words, Welch gave his employees a ton of autonomy, and under that philosophy, GM flourished.  If you’ve been reading our blog for any..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Dec 18, 2019","month":"Dec 18","year":2019,"title":"How a Data-Driven DevOps Approach Helped HailBytes Meet 66% More Deadlines","text":"Every engineering team has different goals, but there’s one they’d probably all agree on: They want to be more efficient. Improving development efficiency means getting more done in less time and with less effort. Like the classic adage goes, it allows you to work smarter, not harder. What team wouldn’t want to do that? Of course, that’s easier said than done. There are tons of articles, books, speeches, and more..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Dec 12, 2019","month":"Dec 12","year":2019,"title":"You\u0026#8217;re Not That Productive (And That\u0026#8217;s Okay)","text":"We’re a little obsessed with productivity. With all of the new time-tracking applications and productivity-focused books coming out all the time, productivity rates must be skyrocketing. Right?\u0026nbsp; Well, not necessarily.\u0026nbsp; According to the Economic News Release created by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity only increased by 1.5% in the first quarter of 2019 and just a mere 1.1% over the last year. But don’t we all feel significantly more..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Nov 19, 2019","month":"Nov 19","year":2019,"title":"Personal Growth for Developers: What\u0026#8217;s a Trajectory Look Like?","text":"Developers need to focus on more than becoming great coders to maximize their personal growth. This one simple trick will keep your career trajectory moving upward."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Nov 05, 2019","month":"Nov 05","year":2019,"title":"The \u0026#8220;10X Engineer\u0026#8221; Has Officially Become a Meme","text":"The tech industry has a new, sought-after unicorn: The 10X engineer. But having one on your team may actually hurt your organization. Here’s why 10X engineers are not 10 times better for your project."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Oct 29, 2019","month":"Oct 29","year":2019,"title":"Want To Get Better at Estimating Time at Work? Track Your Pace","text":"Developers hate estimating time. All of ‘em. And it’s not really surprising. When you think about the task of estimating time and effort, there are just a lot of unknown variables that can get in there and screw everything up.\u0026nbsp; Worst of all, when developers try to structure their estimates in a way that actually make sense for the unpredictable nature of development work, other stakeholders in the company have..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Oct 09, 2019","month":"Oct 09","year":2019,"title":"Stop Lying (To Yourself): How to Estimate Time Without Letting Yourself or Your Team Down","text":"Software engineers have an honesty problem. In fact, most people do, though they may not realize it. It’s an uncomfortable truth that coders (and most people who work in the knowledge economy, to be honest) tend to overestimate their capacity to get things done. Whether by volunteering for extra work or agreeing to unrealistic timelines, we’re often dead wrong when we think we can get all that work done by..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 26, 2019","month":"Sep 26","year":2019,"title":"Deep Work in the Age of Distraction","text":"It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the most valuable skill an engineer can have is coding. But that’s simply not the case.  There are tons of “soft skills” that make engineers so much better at their jobs, and are arguably just as important as being fluent in a coding language — problem solving, time management, communication, and teamwork, just to name a few. There’s another skill that engineers..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 16, 2019","month":"Sep 16","year":2019,"title":"Overtime Kills","text":"When deadlines are looming and there’s still a lot of work to be done, the solution is simple. Just work more, right? After all, a person who works 90 hours a week should be at least twice as productive as a person who only works the standard 40 hours a week. That’s just simple math. If you live in the real world, though, you already know that this is bullsh*t. ..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 27, 2019","month":"Aug 27","year":2019,"title":"Understand, Design, Build: The World\u0026#8217;s Simplest Problem Solving Framework","text":"How to turn big ideas into actionable solutions."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 05, 2019","month":"Aug 05","year":2019,"title":"Abstract Thinking Exercises: 5 Strategies for Generating New Insights","text":"Abstract thinking can help developers solve their toughest problems by seeing them in a different way. These 5 strategies trigger abstract thinking."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 15, 2019","month":"Jul 15","year":2019,"title":"Managing Developers: How to Understand Work Styles \u0026#038; Cater to Individual Needs","text":"There’s an image a lot of people have of a software developer: A nerdy, introverted computer geek who clatters away at a keyboard in a dark room\u0026#8211;most likely a basement. via GIPHY Reality’s a bit different.\u0026nbsp; Building software is, as you probably know, a team sport. And while some engineers fit the nerd-in-a-basement stereotype (to a tee), others don’t. Good managers understand that there are many different types of software..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 01, 2019","month":"Jul 01","year":2019,"title":"Understanding This Scientific Theory Can Teach Companies to Hire (and Retain) The Best Engineers","text":"Here’s a shocker. For a decade, software engineering positions have been some of the hardest jobs to fill in the United States. The fact is that there are more open jobs than there are qualified engineers. Many candidates are either not initially qualified for the jobs they apply for, or they leave companies soon after being hired. Research firm Forrester predicted that in 2018, companies looking for the most talented..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"May 30, 2019","month":"May 30","year":2019,"title":"Focused vs Diffuse Thinking: Why Software Developers Need to Master Both Parts of Their Mind","text":"It’s a great feeling when you’re on a roll at work. You feel inspired and ready to tackle whatever’s on your to-do list for the day. You can ignore distractions and stay in the zone. It feels like quality work is just flowing straight from your brain to your fingertips. You know that feeling when you know you’re doing a good job, yet it feels almost effortless? It’s the best,..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"May 27, 2019","month":"May 27","year":2019,"title":"The EU\u0026#8217;s New Timetracking Ruling is a Win for Workers—And Teams","text":"Recently, an EU court ruled that it should be mandatory for employers to accurately measure employee work hours and ensure that workers are receiving an allotted time off from the job. This ruling has caused both some confusion and some outright consternation. It\u0026#8217;s not exactly the outcome that many employer groups expected (or wanted) from the quarrel. But why is that? It seems that the practical applications of this ruling..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 15, 2019","month":"Apr 15","year":2019,"title":"Sipping from the Firehose: How to Collect, Curate (and Ignore) Customer Feedback in Your Product Development Process","text":"Collecting and implementing feedback can seem like a pure positive for product teams. Of course you want to listen to your customers and then meet their needs, right? The problem is that customers, in many cases, are just dead wrong. The quote often attributed to Henry Ford says that if he had asked his customers what they wanted, they would ask for a faster horse rather than a car. I..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Mar 04, 2019","month":"Mar 04","year":2019,"title":"The 6 Best Time Tracking Apps for Software Developers \u0026#038; Development Teams","text":"If you’re reading this article, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re already convinced that tracking time can be a valuable part of the development process. But you still have standards. All time tracking applications are not created equal. Chances are that the timesheet app your local coffee shop uses just won’t cut it for keeping tabs on complex work like software engineering. You need a targeted solution for your..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Feb 05, 2019","month":"Feb 05","year":2019,"title":"How NOT to Do Time Tracking for Software Developers (Unless You Want to Kill Your Team\u0026#8217;s Morale)","text":"With almost anything in life, there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way. Time tracking is absolutely no different. Look, we’re outspoken advocates for tracking time. After all, we are a team of software developers who willingly and knowingly created an application specifically for the purpose of time tracking, right? Our philosophy is simple. Time tracking is like fitness tracking. It’s a way for you, as an..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Dec 21, 2018","month":"Dec 21","year":2018,"title":"Groupthink Kills Good Ideas: How to Avoid Being Brainwashed By Your Team","text":"You are being brainwashed. Every day, your team works to “solve” problems and come up with elegant solutions. You probably have group brainstorming sessions where the team gets all pumped up about the ideas that you generate. But what really happens most of the time is the exact opposite of smart. Your team huddles around and everyone quickly falls into thinking that the first idea or the one that came..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Nov 21, 2018","month":"Nov 21","year":2018,"title":"Why Most Developers Make Lousy Developer Managers","text":"Have you ever wondered why it is that brilliant and talented coders often crash and burn when they get promoted into a leadership position? Obviously, it isn’t a lack of skills or knowledge. Software developers are often highly intelligent, have undergone strenuous educations, and might have even started a company or two—clearly, they’re both smart and motivated. So, what gives? If those who can’t do, teach; then maybe the reverse..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Oct 22, 2018","month":"Oct 22","year":2018,"title":"The Scientific Guide: How Side Projects Will Make You a Better Software Developer","text":"Are you feeling bored or unfulfilled at your day job? Doing the same thing for too long can grate on even the most patient person. This is precisely why so many people opt in to extra work at the end of the day—also known as a side project. But a side project can do so much more than simply cure boredom. Executed well, it can help you to become a..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 18, 2018","month":"Sep 18","year":2018,"title":"How to Become a Better Software Developer: A Handbook on Personal Performance","text":"There’s a big difference between writing code and being a great programmer. Writing code is the output\u0026#8211;and almost anyone can learn the basics of syntax and formatting. But what makes someone a skilled developer? It’s much more than just understanding the basics, of course. It’s mastery of the fundamental concepts and logic that make one capable. But, in order to be great, there must also be a way to measure,..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 29, 2018","month":"Aug 29","year":2018,"title":"You Can\u0026#8217;t Manage Time: 7 Other Ways to Increase Team Productivity","text":"How does your team measure productivity in terms of your collective output? If you have a ready answer, please head straight to the comments and share your secrets. You’re among an elite class of leaders who have managed to crack the code. For everyone else, the question of how to measure team productivity remains a constant obsession. And it’s not one that should be perpetually shoved under the rug to..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 08, 2018","month":"Aug 08","year":2018,"title":"Do Software Developers Need a Degree?","text":"This is a guest post from Alice Davies of Maryville University Online What\u0026#8217;s the deal with computer science degrees, anyway? Some people say you need one to be a competent programmer. Others just laugh and point at Mark Zuckerberg. Although there are many opinions on the subject of whether developers need to hold a degree or not, one thing is clear. There are advantages to having a degree that even talented software developers..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 31, 2018","month":"Jul 31","year":2018,"title":"What Escape Rooms Can Teach Us About Incentives for Software Development Teams","text":"If there were infinite time in the day and infinite budget, developing software would be a lot simpler. You just spend as much time as you want writing code until the thing is done. Wouldn’t that be nice? Of course, we all know that’s not the case. There’s only so much time and there’s only so much budget. And if you use too much of either, you have to have..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 26, 2018","month":"Jul 26","year":2018,"title":"Spaces vs. Tabs: How to (Apparently) Get Paid More As a Developer","text":"This is a guest post written by Wendy Dessler of Stackify. If you’re new to the programming world, you may not know—but will quickly learn about—one of the most popular and heated coding debates: spaces or tabs. Code is broken up into lines of letters and symbols on a page, which communicates to computers, iPads, smartphones, you name it what to do. You see, with spaces, you format each line of..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 23, 2018","month":"Jul 23","year":2018,"title":"The 14 Best Productivity Tools for Developers of All Disciplines","text":"There are so many different software tools on the market that aim to ease the process of getting things done. In many situations, industry-agnostic tools work just fine—and are certainly better than working without a process. When trying to be productive as a software developer, however, more specific productivity tools for developers may be necessary. Specifically, when working with an agile development framework, software developers perform best when balancing equal..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 10, 2018","month":"Jul 10","year":2018,"title":"Why Software Developers Suck at Estimating Time (And How to Fix It)","text":"You’ll probably recognize the typical software developer’s workflow: Your boss approaches you with a new task. They ask you how long you expect it to take, so that they can plug it into their timeline for launching a new feature. So you take your best guess to use as an upfront time estimate\u0026#8211;perhaps it’s 10 hours. But more often than not, this guess fails to account for all of the..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jun 26, 2018","month":"Jun 26","year":2018,"title":"How Software Developers Can Use Science to Manage Their Time","text":"As a software developer, what does productivity mean to you? How do you measure it? Do you measure it? There are a lot of misconceptions around how to track your effectiveness in order to find opportunities for improvements—and plenty of software developers who resent the idea of turning in timesheets to their supervisor each week. But managing time is a critical activity for improving productivity as a software developer. Allow..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jun 04, 2018","month":"Jun 04","year":2018,"title":"The Secret Reason that Development Teams Struggle to Deliver On Time, On Budget, or On Scope","text":"How long will it take you to run to the store and buy some milk? You know how far away the store is, you know where they keep the milk, and you know that you’ll probably have to spend a few minutes checking out. But, chances are this isn’t enough information to answer the question. If you’re like most people, you’re terrible at these kinds of predictions. You ignore all..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"May 01, 2018","month":"May 01","year":2018,"title":"Sprint Planning Meetings: A Guide to Better, Smarter, More Efficient Iterations","text":"Let’s get meta for a minute. When it comes to planning, what’s your team’s plan? Meetings generally drag on too long and they tend to ignore or leave unanswered all of the important questions that you’ll then have to have another meeting to discuss later. Ideally, we could skip all that. If your team runs a tight ship, you can run quick and efficient sprint planning meetings. You can eliminate..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 17, 2018","month":"Apr 17","year":2018,"title":"Time Blocking for Developers: How to Achieve Flow, Stop Being \u0026#8220;Busy\u0026#8221;, \u0026#038; Start Being Productive","text":"“No, I can’t meet with you Monday.” I find myself saying this a lot. Not because I have a bunch of other meetings scheduled or because I’m taking the day off. (I wish!) No, this isn’t about that. It’s about achieving “flow”. What I’ve found is that the key to my personal productivity is to develop a pattern for how I spend my time. It’s to divide my week into..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Mar 20, 2018","month":"Mar 20","year":2018,"title":"How to Measure Developer Productivity","text":"There’s nothing better than checking something off your to-do list. Except, of course, checking off that big, burly project that has taken way too long when you’ve finally completed it. (Yeah, that feels pretty good.) This simple insight has some important implications for how we consider and measure productivity. Getting more done isn’t the same thing as being productive. This is one of the key reasons why a software developer’s..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Mar 08, 2018","month":"Mar 08","year":2018,"title":"The Development Lead\u0026#8217;s Guide to Understanding \u0026#038; Managing Time","text":"One of the most misunderstood aspects of software development is the role of time. For many development teams, the idea of measuring\u0026#8211;or even acknowledging\u0026#8211;time is seen as a non-starter. Developers, in particular, are predisposed to reject the notion of tracking time largely because it has historically been used as a weapon for control. Management has wielded the timesheet as a way to dress-down developers for not meeting arbitrary quotas or..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Feb 20, 2018","month":"Feb 20","year":2018,"title":"The 7 Types of Software Developers You’ll (Probably) Work With Someday","text":"The key to effective software development is collaboration. No group of individuals can accomplish as much as a team that’s able to truly work together. This means learning to navigate different personality types, understanding your own personal strengths (and weaknesses), and setting aside disagreements to work toward a common goal. But in order to do that, you need to have some insight into the types of people that you work..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Feb 08, 2018","month":"Feb 08","year":2018,"title":"The Only Unit of Work That Ultimately Matters is Time","text":"In 1915, Albert Einstein first published his theory of special relativity. His new ideas about the connected and relative nature of space-time blew away everything we thought we knew about the universe. For the first time ever, it seemed that time wasn’t just a thing that happened, but an actual property that might someday be controlled. Since then, we’ve been fascinated with the idea of controlling time. Being able to..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jan 26, 2018","month":"Jan 26","year":2018,"title":"The Premortem: How to Identify, Understand, \u0026#038; Mitigate Risk Before it Smacks You in the Face","text":"No one likes moving furniture. It’s tedious and tiring\u0026#8211;carrying heavy couches and shelves, clinging to awkward handholds. But, imagine that you’ve just bought your dream house. You’re actually excited to move in the furniture because you know you’ve finally found the perfect home. All you have to do it get your stuff inside, get things put away, and you’ll be living the dream. So, you round up all of your..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Dec 22, 2017","month":"Dec 22","year":2017,"title":"Here’s the Thing Development Leaders Get Wrong About Time Tracking","text":"It’s that time of year. Holiday season. Many managers like to give small gifts to their team, just to show their appreciation. But sometimes it can be a struggle to figure out which gifts are the right combination of work appropriate and meaningful/useful. One popular gift from the last few years? Fitness trackers. They’re a handy gadget that employees can use on their own time and in their own way..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Dec 11, 2017","month":"Dec 11","year":2017,"title":"A Visual Guide to Solving Difficult Problems (Backed by Science)","text":"Software engineers are ultimately problem solvers. Most of us know this intuitively. To build any sufficiently complex system is an exercise in both analytical and creative thinking\u0026#8211;it’s solving problems, again and again. We often think of creativity and analytical thinking as being on the opposite ends of a spectrum. But in reality, even technical problem solving and analysis is really a creative endeavor. Coming up with solutions requires creativity and..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Nov 28, 2017","month":"Nov 28","year":2017,"title":"Developer Burnout: How to Prevent Boredom, Blow Ups, and Other Bullsh*t","text":"When was first hired to work for a startup, I was ecstatic. Finally, I had a real shot to build something from nothing. I had the chance to get in on the ground floor and bust my ass to prove my value and make a mark on the world. This was my chance. Fast forward to 18 months later and my life was a wreck. I had been working 10,..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Nov 09, 2017","month":"Nov 09","year":2017,"title":"Fit vs Ability: Why Hiring the Right Engineer is More Important than Hiring the Best Engineer","text":"On our blog, we often talk a lot about culture and process. We talk about instilling the right values and having the right mindset. But there\u0026#8217;s something that\u0026#8217;s even more fundamental and comes before any of that stuff. It\u0026#8217;s the hiring process. How is your company finding and choosing technical talent to join your team? There are so many constraints and considerations that come into play. It can often feel..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Nov 02, 2017","month":"Nov 02","year":2017,"title":"Where Do You Keep the Ketchup? The Importance of Diversity in Solving Problems","text":"It\u0026#8217;s lunch time. Imagine that you’re about to make a sandwich. You’ve carefully laid out the ingredients. You have your meat, your cheese, and your veggies. There’s just one problem. You’re out of ketchup. At first you gasp. You shed a tiny tear. But, then you start to consider what other condiment you can use to complete your masterpiece. Do you use mayonnaise? Mustard? Perhaps something a bit more obscure..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Oct 13, 2017","month":"Oct 13","year":2017,"title":"Agile Velocity: The Art and Science of Consistent Performance","text":"Imagine that your team sets out to win a race. The first team to run all the way across the US will win a prize. Which approach do you think is best? Your team takes off in a dead sprint from California, gets tired quickly, and then collapses on the roadside for several days while they recover. Your team studies their own performance, decides how long and how fast each..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Oct 06, 2017","month":"Oct 06","year":2017,"title":"Why People Leave: An Infographic About What Makes Employees Quit","text":"Great software is built by great teams. One of the largest shifts in mindset over the past several years with regard to software engineering is that it is best when it’s viewed as a team sport. No single, standout engineer can make up for a well-functioning team that’s in sync and works well together. A huge part of effective teambuilding is retaining as much talent as you can\u0026#8211;keeping teams together,..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 29, 2017","month":"Sep 29","year":2017,"title":"Stop Guessing. Start Measuring.","text":"We all (generally) love story points. Having these amorphous blobs of effort provide a huge level of flexibility and agility. They’re really the backbone of SCRUM and other agile methodologies. The central thesis is that work shouldn’t be defined in hours and minutes, but be estimated on the basis of its complexity. That sounds great. And it works well\u0026#8211;most of the time. But when you’re inside an iteration, story points..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 22, 2017","month":"Sep 22","year":2017,"title":"Agile Software Development Is Not Dead","text":"The sky is falling. Or so they would have us believe. It seems that every few months, there is some new trendy “prediction” about the future of the world. It might be about the role of software in our lives, how AI will impact jobs, or any other number of things. Usually the predictions are dire. This will die, that will collapse, and we’ll all be helpless to stop it...."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Sep 15, 2017","month":"Sep 15","year":2017,"title":"Agile Principles Aren\u0026#8217;t About Process. They\u0026#8217;re a Shift in Values and Mindset.","text":"The world has gone agile. From fledgling startups to companies like Microsoft, it seems that everyone has adopted an agile approach to software development. They’ve put on their agile hats, scheduled a stand-up, and carved out time for the retrospective. That makes them agile\u0026#8211;right? Well, maybe not. Many teams just seem to have missed the point of agile. They pick up a particular methodology like SCRUM and follow it to..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 24, 2017","month":"Aug 24","year":2017,"title":"Motivating Software Engineers 101","text":"It may surprise some project managers and executives to learn that trying to coerce, cajole, and bludgeon their engineers into just writing more code is not a solid strategy for attracting and retaining great talent. Many companies focus entirely too much on trying to use extrinsic factors to drive performance of their engineering teams. In reality, it’s often the intrinsic motivators that have the largest effect. Here’s the secret: Happier..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Aug 16, 2017","month":"Aug 16","year":2017,"title":"Why Software Teams Hate Tracking Time (And What Team Leads Can Do About It)","text":"Software developers hate tracking time. It’s seen as burdensome, useless, and “a colossal waste of time.” This is because time tracking for developers has traditionally been about control. It’s been a way for management to put a harness on their development teams and steer the ship in some way. Ostensibly, for the sake of better productivity or more accountability. But, just like any other creative, problem-solving profession, it’s obvious that..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 27, 2017","month":"Jul 27","year":2017,"title":"The Importance of Ideas","text":"In 1974, Dr. Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry came up with an idea. What if they used the “low-tack” adhesive created by Dr. Silver and applied it to pieces of paper? They would be sticky enough to stay in place, but the bond would be weak enough that the paper could be un-stuck and re-stuck many times over. That flash of inspiration became one of the most ubiquitous products in..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 04, 2017","month":"Jul 04","year":2017,"title":"Time Tracking for Agile Software Teams","text":"It’s no secret that tracking time is not something most software developers enjoy. Keeping time has a reputation for being restricting, wasteful\u0026#8211;even machiavellian. Much of that feeling goes back to old-school time tracking systems that were arduous and burdensome or restrictive timekeeping policies that required developers to spend hours of time keeping track of every second spent on each work item. On the flipside, many software teams have openly and..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jun 08, 2017","month":"Jun 08","year":2017,"title":"The Secret Ingredient Software Teams Need to Do Their Best Work","text":"Software development is almost always a team sport. Even products that start with a single developer or creator will often grow in size and scale to include multiple specialized roles, managers, and other players. And they all need to learn how to work together in the best way possible to create the best possible software. This is no small task. In any team, there are conflicting interests, dueling egos, and..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"May 11, 2017","month":"May 11","year":2017,"title":"Keeping Teams Together","text":"Inside your company, some teams perform exceptionally well and other teams probably perform below your expectations. That might mean that they don’t get as much code written, produce work with too many errors, or just generally don’t seem to be all that productive. It probably goes without saying that you’d like it if all of your teams were performing at the level of your best-performing team. So what’s the difference..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 01, 2016","month":"Jul 01","year":2016,"title":"TFS 2015 Update 3 released","text":"TFS Timetracker is ready for the new Update 3 of TFS 2015"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Mar 08, 2016","month":"Mar 08","year":2016,"title":"TFS 2015 Update 2 RC 2 is available","text":"Current beta release of TFS Timetracker is compatible to the latest Microsoft release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Jul 07, 2015","month":"Jul 07","year":2015,"title":"Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 RC2 released","text":"Team Foundation Server 2015 RTM to come later Today Microsoft released the Team Foundation Server 2015 RC2. Yes, this was planned differently. It was announced to ship Team Foundation Server 2015 RTM \u0026#8211; the final version \u0026#8211; together with the complete familiy of Visual Studio products on July 20th. All other Visual Studio products will ship \u0026#8220;before or on July 20th\u0026#8221;."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 27, 2015","month":"Apr 27","year":2015,"title":"Team Project Rename soon available in Microsoft Team Foundation Server","text":"Team Project? Rename it! Today one of these news arrived at our desks that are fairly small but yet long awaited \u0026#8211; Microsoft finally added to Team Foundation Server a feature that no one of us could understand why it was missing: Renaming of a team project."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Time To Code","link":""}],"date":"Apr 24, 2015","month":"Apr 24","year":2015,"title":"Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 CTP1","text":"TFS 2015 CTP1 is available for testing This week we have successfully tested the compatibility of TFS Timetracker with the latest preliminary release: Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Community Technical Preview 1."}]