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[{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"7pace","link":""},{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 08, 2021","month":"Nov 08","year":2021,"title":"Time Tracking Is Even Easier With 7pace’s Desktop App","text":"Did you know that 7pace has a downloadable desktop app (for both Mac and Windows) that allows you to not only track time on-the-fly, but also lets you smoothly and seamlessly add, edit, delete, and duplicate time without ever having to leave the app itself? We’ve come a long way from the original design of what used to be referred to as our “Windows Client”. After gathering feedback directly from..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 02, 2021","month":"Nov 02","year":2021,"title":"Teams Can Now Prevent Time Entry on Closed Items Throughout 7pace Timetracker","text":"In 7pace Timetracker’s 5.23 release, we’ve added the ability to prevent time entry on closed workitems. This has been a popular one on our 7pace Feature Request Community and support channels!\u0026nbsp; Many of our users shared that this would encourage time tracking on active items before they moved to a closed state and the general consensus was that it would ultimately prevent discrepancies between the data in the reports and..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 07, 2021","month":"Sep 07","year":2021,"title":"Performance Improvements Made on Budgets Page and 7pace Timetracker Tab","text":"Our team here at 7pace have been busy implementing significant performance improvements on the Budgets page and on the work item form\u0026#8217;s 7pace Timetracker tab.\u0026nbsp; Performance on the Budgets page has been increased up to 12 times faster than it was before. Before optimization, at the top end of the scale, the page could take up to 25 seconds to load for budgets with large organizations and a lot of..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 22, 2021","month":"Jul 22","year":2021,"title":"Expanded Email Reminders are here!","text":"Want to become more efficient at logging time and submitting your timesheet? We’ve now made it that much easier with our expanded email Reminders \u0026amp; Notifications. Within the “Settings” page of 7pace Timetracker, we’ve added a new “Reminders” tab that joins our existing ”Notifications” (make sure you have “Enable email notifications” checked here!). Each reminder can be enabled and disabled individually for maximum customization. You can now select and configure..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 13, 2021","month":"Jul 13","year":2021,"title":"Easily Reset Default Layouts on Times Explorer in 5.21","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s newest release, 5.21, you can now easily reset the default layouts originally found on the Times Explorer page instead of having to re-build them from scratch. Our customers often reached out to us expressing that they may have been upgraded from a lower permission level to a higher user role, such as a Timetracker administrator, for example, but they still didn\u0026#8217;t see the admin-specific default layouts on..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 02, 2021","month":"Jul 02","year":2021,"title":"New Features Added to the \u0026#8220;Add Time\u0026#8221; Dialog in 7pace Timetracker 5.20","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s 5.20 release, we\u0026#8217;ve added some new controls to the Add/Edit Time Dialog to make it even easier to add your time. You can now quickly select worklog duration (0.5h, 1h, 2h, 4h) from preset buttons when adding a worklog: In addition, try hovering over a work item ID in the\u0026nbsp; work item search text field with the \u0026#8220;Add/Edit\u0026#8221; Time dialog \u0026#8211; you\u0026#8217;ll notice that the work item..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 22, 2021","month":"Apr 22","year":2021,"title":"Faster Load Time of 7pace Timetracker Tab \u0026#038; Other Performance Improvements in 5.17.1","text":"In our 5.17.1 release, we\u0026#8217;ve continued to make strides toward overall faster and better performance throughout 7pace Timetracker. Let us know if you notice a difference in the load time of the 7pace Timetracker tab on the work item form and in the load time of every page you open within Timetracker; we\u0026#8217;d love to hear your feedback. If you haven\u0026#8217;t had a chance to check out our new and..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 09, 2021","month":"Mar 09","year":2021,"title":"Search is Better and Faster in 7pace Timetracker 5.16","text":"In our 5.16 release, we have improved the overall quality and performance of our search function throughout 7pace Timetracker. You\u0026#8217;ll now experience better, faster, more inclusive search capabilities in our Add/Edit Time pop-up dialog, our integrated Web App, both the Windows and Mac Apps (legacy and new), and the 7pace Timetracker Mobile App. In addition, our search now supports the inclusion of search symbols such as \u0026#8220;\u0026#8221; for an exact..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 24, 2021","month":"Feb 24","year":2021,"title":"7pace Timetracker for Windows Joins Mac App!","text":"In our latest release, 5.15.1, the brand new 7pace Timetracker App for Windows joins our Mac App! Both can be downloaded on our newly-redesigned \u0026#8220;Apps\u0026#8221; page. 7pace Timetracker App for Windows features a fresh new interface and improved usability. Once downloaded, click “Pair Desktop Client” on the \u0026#8220;Apps\u0026#8221; page \u0026#8211; it\u0026#8217;s as simple as that! You can track time on-the-fly, add time manually right from the app, and even edit..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 10, 2021","month":"Feb 10","year":2021,"title":"\u0026#8220;Timesheet Copy\u0026#8221; Added to Timetracker 5.15","text":"Throughout the 7pace online feature request community, there has been consistent buzz asking for functionality that became dubbed \u0026#8220;Timesheet Copy\u0026#8221;. Our customers wanted a quick and easy way to copy work items from a previous week\u0026#8217;s timesheet to the current week if they were still working on those items. Fill your timesheet with ease! So, our team gathered this feedback from you and got to work. \u0026#8220;Timesheet Copy\u0026#8221; evolved into..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 19, 2021","month":"Jan 19","year":2021,"title":"Help Widget Added to On-Prem in New Release","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s 5.14.2 release, the in-app help widget that was enabled for our DevOps cloud-based users in 5.14 has now been added to Timetracker on-premise. Simply click on the blue question mark icon at the bottom-right of any 7pace Timetracker page and the help widget will show related documentation articles according to the current context of the page you\u0026#8217;re on. You can also use the widget search feature to..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 20, 2020","month":"Nov 20","year":2020,"title":"Add Time from DevOps Dashboard with Timetracker 5.13","text":"You can now not only start tracking from the work item context menu, you can also add time directly from there too! With 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s 5.13 release, we\u0026#8217;ve added the ability to \u0026#8220;Add Time\u0026#8221; on boards or queries. Clicking \u0026#8220;Add Time\u0026#8221; will open the\u0026nbsp;Add Time dialog, with\u0026nbsp;the person field defaulting to the current user. For more information, click here. We\u0026#8217;re happy to report that 7pace Timetracker for DevOps Server (on-prem)..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 12, 2020","month":"Nov 12","year":2020,"title":"Timesheet Email Notifications Up \u0026#038; Running in 5.11.3 Release","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s 5.11.3 release, we\u0026#8217;ve fixed the issue connected with email notifications not being sent when a timesheet was submitted for approval and/or a timesheet was approved. We\u0026#8217;ve also fixed broken links within the Timetracker UI that open to relevant support documentation. All our current and past release information can be found here. On-Prem Download Customers can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker (on-prem) for DevOps Server for..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 22, 2020","month":"Oct 22","year":2020,"title":".NET Core Update and Ability to Assign Budget From a Work Item in Timetracker’s 5.10 \u0026#038; 5.11 Releases","text":"With the release of Timetracker 5.10 and 5.11, we’re excited to share that 7pace Timetracker is no longer running in a Windows-exclusive environment; we\u0026#8217;ve officially made the switch to ASP.NET Core 3.1. For our users, we anticipate reduced authorization requests and page load time. As a result, we hope you experience pages that load faster and are more responsive. With this also comes greater security, reliability and makes us a..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 09, 2020","month":"Sep 09","year":2020,"title":"In-app Messaging Updates in 7pace Timetracker 5.9.8 \u0026#038; 5.9.9","text":"We’re pleased to report that in Timetracker 5.9.8 and 5.9.9 releases, we sat down and revised possible error messages that you might see pop up on our “Reporting” page. We wanted to make it easier for you, our users, to know exactly what might have gone wrong if you hit a snag while trying to navigate our awesome “Reporting” page and widgets. We wanted to ensure that you can quickly..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 31, 2020","month":"Aug 31","year":2020,"title":"UI updates in 7pace Timetracker 5.9.7","text":"We’re excited to share that 7pace has updated its branding across its website, UI and even our 7pace Timetracker Kitten! You’ll notice a new, modern design, and greater ease of use throughout our website. Check it out and let us know what you think! There\u0026#8217;s more \u0026#8230; To see improvements and fixes we\u0026#8217;ve our releases, please check our release articles here. On-Prem Download Customers can download the latest release of..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"May 05, 2020","month":"May 05","year":2020,"title":"\u0026#8216;7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217; Featured More Prominently in 5.7 UI","text":"In an effort to highlight and make 7pace Timetracker contributions more obvious and easier to recognize, we\u0026#8217;ve implemented some subtle changes throughout the app\u0026#8217;s UI in our 5.7 release. On the work item form, the \u0026#8220;Time\u0026#8221; tab has been replaced by the \u0026#8220;7pace Timetracker\u0026#8221; tab. In an effort to highlight and make 7pace Timetracker contributions more obvious and easier to recognize, we\u0026#8217;ve implemented some subtle changes throughout the app\u0026#8217;s UI..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 25, 2020","month":"Mar 25","year":2020,"title":"Reporting Page Available for All in 7pace Timetracker 5.6","text":"Our team has been steadfastly working out the kinks, gathering your feedback, and now, what was previously just a \u0026#8220;reporting preview\u0026#8221; that we\u0026#8217;ve been gradually rolling out, is available to all 7pace Timetracker cloud customers (for on-prem, please update to at least Timetracker 5.0). If you\u0026#8217;re late to the game, you can find out all the details about our full reporting experience here. We\u0026#8217;ve added some reporting improvements right within..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 15, 2020","month":"Jan 15","year":2020,"title":"Reporting Improvements Continue in 5.4 Release","text":"We continue to gradually roll out our Reporting page to our customers, receive feedback and make fixes and changes. In our latest release, 5.4, we\u0026#8217;ve made some new improvements and fixes that we hope will continue to make your experience a positive one. In addition to improving the overall performance of reporting data processing, we\u0026#8217;ve also added a new \u0026#8220;MathExpression\u0026#8221; formatter to widgets configuration. We invite you to check out..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 17, 2019","month":"Dec 17","year":2019,"title":"7pace Timetracker Updated to .NET Framework 4.8 in 5.3","text":"With 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s latest release, 5.3.0, we have updated to .NET Framework 4.8. For on-premises users, both the 7pace Timetracker web application and the Windows Client have been updated to .NET Framework 4.8.  For cloud-based users, the 7pace Timetracker Windows Client now uses .NET Framework 4.8, so this is now required if you want to up the Client on your PC. TLS 1.2 is now supported and will be used..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 03, 2019","month":"Dec 03","year":2019,"title":"Timetracker 5.2.0 Fixes Timesheet Blue Cells Issue","text":"We at 7pace have a small release, 5.2.0, that includes some new fixes and improvements to Timetracker functionality. On our new \u0026#8220;Reporting\u0026#8221; page, the widget edit window now displays the widget \u0026#8220;Type\u0026#8221; in the title.\u0026nbsp; On our \u0026#8220;Timesheet\u0026#8221; page, we fixed the issue where the blue highlighted cells within the \u0026#8220;Timesheet\u0026#8221; grid were not displaying as blue when the user\u0026#8217;s items were active for that week. There\u0026#8217;s more \u0026#8230; For..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 28, 2019","month":"Nov 28","year":2019,"title":"5.1.0 Release Features Improvements \u0026#038; Fixes in Reporting","text":"7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s latest release, 5.1.0, includes tweaks, fixes and improvements to our \u0026#8220;Reporting\u0026#8221; page. We continue to roll \u0026#8220;Reporting\u0026#8221; out in batches. As we gather your feedback, we will continue to make fixes and improvements.\u0026nbsp; One fix we made to \u0026#8220;Reporting\u0026#8221; was to widgets. Widgets now refresh instantly if they have been reconfigured/updated. We\u0026#8217;ve also fixed the issue where the dates on the widget were not matching the dates on..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 12, 2019","month":"Nov 12","year":2019,"title":"The Dawn of 7pace Timetracker 5.0: Reporting is here!","text":"7pace Timetracker 5 for Microsoft Azure DevOps is rolling out, featuring personal reporting dashboards! After four years of collecting feature requests, gathering requirements, and two years of development and pilot testing with 50 enterprise customers, today is the day. The 7pace Timetracker 5.0 release includes a full reporting experience. The new \u0026#8216;Reporting\u0026#8217; page introduces unlimited ways to collect and present time recording data from within 7pace Timetracker. Have you ever..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 05, 2019","month":"Nov 05","year":2019,"title":"Restore Windows Client Visibility in 4.38 Release","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s latest release, users can now right-click on the Windows Client system tray and \u0026#8220;Reset window visibility\u0026#8221; if, for some reason, the client window isn\u0026#8217;t displaying on their screen (usually in the case of a multi-monitor display setup). On the 7pace Timetracker Mobile Client, the design was updated to include updated DevOps Server/Services naming convention from \u0026#8220;VSTS\u0026#8221; and \u0026#8220;TFS\u0026#8221;. Fixes were made to the \u0026#8220;Add Time\u0026#8221; dialog, work..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 10, 2019","month":"Oct 10","year":2019,"title":"Dark Theme is here!","text":"Our support channels and online forums have been flooded with requests for 7pace Timetracker to follow suit with DevOps Server/Services\u0026#8217; \u0026#8220;dark theme\u0026#8221;. With our 4.37 release, we are happy to share that we are rolling out one of our most requested features: \u0026#8220;dark theme\u0026#8221; throughout 7pace Timetracker. The dark theme in 7pace Timetracker will automatically be turned on for those using dark theme in Azure DevOps. To switch to dark..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 11, 2019","month":"Sep 11","year":2019,"title":"New \u0026#8220;Add Time\u0026#8221; Dialog Begins Roll-out in 4.36","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s 4.36 release, we have begun roll-out on a fresh new \u0026#8220;Add Time\u0026#8221; dialog that features a more modern design in keeping with DevOps Server/Services\u0026#8217; UI. You can expect to see this new design within the next week, beginning with some of our DevOps Services (cloud) customers, followed by our DevOps Server (on-prem) users. With improved keyboard support, the new \u0026#8220;Add Time\u0026#8221; dialog features enhanced search functionality, multi-line..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 28, 2019","month":"Aug 28","year":2019,"title":"Activity Type Can Be Set as Required in 4.35","text":"In 7pace Timetrackers latest release, 4.35, a new rule, \u0026#8220;Require an Activity Type\u0026#8221;, was added in the \u0026#8220;Settings\u0026#8221; -\u003E \u0026#8220;Rules\u0026#8221; section. With \u0026#8220;Require an Activity Type\u0026#8221; enabled, you can start tracking or add/edit time only if an Activity Type for the worklog is provided. Additionally, the default Activity Type is set to [Not set] with this rule enabled, to encourage users to select the correct Activity Type for the current..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 01, 2019","month":"Aug 01","year":2019,"title":"Users Can Change Global Hotkeys in 4.34 Release","text":"In our latest release of 7pace Timetracker, 4.34, you can now change global hotkeys at your discretion in the Windows Client. In the Add Time Dialog, we\u0026#8217;ve fixed the REST API WorkLog version \u0026#8216;3.0-preview\u0026#8217;. The REST API that creates workLogs now creates them with the correct timestamp. Creating worklogs for other users also now works properly. For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in Timetracker 4.32 and all..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 18, 2019","month":"Jul 18","year":2019,"title":"New Approval REST API \u0026#038; Permissions Management Update for On-Prem in 4.33","text":"In the 4.33 release of 7pace Timetracker, we\u0026#8217;ve included a new Approval REST API that was added to the v3.0-preview. Error handling for invalid query parameters was also added. Additionally, we\u0026#8217;ve updated the Permissions Management of our on-premise version of 7pace Timetracker with a modern UI, to match recent improvements made to our cloud version. Comprehensive search functionality has been added for both individual users and groups, which is especially..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 03, 2019","month":"Jul 03","year":2019,"title":"Windows Client Improvements Added in 4.32","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s latest release, we have added some convenient new improvements to the Windows Client. A new shortcut key has been added to help you easily confirm the \u0026#8220;Activity check\u0026#8221; in the Client (\u0026#8220;I am still tracking\u0026#8221;). Additionally, the Windows Client can now be pinned to display as always on top from \u0026#8220;Settings\u0026#8221;. Fixes in the 4.32 release include those made on the Timesheet page, where it is now..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jun 27, 2019","month":"Jun 27","year":2019,"title":"Permission Management Redesign in 4.31 Release","text":"In the latest 4.31 release, the cloud-based version of 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s Permissions Management has had a makeover, with an updated, modern UI (don\u0026#8217;t worry, updates will be made to on-prem soon!). We\u0026#8217;ve added comprehensive search functionality for both individual users and groups, to help large teams with complex structures better manage permissions. There are now two separate \u0026#8220;Licensed\u0026#8221; and \u0026#8220;Unlicensed\u0026#8221; screens for users. Clicking the \u0026#8220;Add users\u0026#8221; button results in..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jun 20, 2019","month":"Jun 20","year":2019,"title":"\u0026#8220;Always require a comment\u0026#8221; option added to 4.30","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s latest release, we have added a new option: \u0026#8220;Always require a comment\u0026#8221;. With \u0026#8220;Always require a comment\u0026#8221; enabled, all users will be required to add a comment when they are tracking time or when they add/edit time on a worklog. This optional setting can be found under \u0026#8220;Settings\u0026#8221; tab -\u003E \u0026#8220;General\u0026#8221; -\u003E \u0026#8220;Rules\u0026#8221; -\u003E \u0026#8220;Tracking Details\u0026#8221;. In addition, administrators can now set an option to allow groups..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jun 04, 2019","month":"Jun 04","year":2019,"title":"7pace Now a Certified Top Publisher at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with Release 4.29","text":"We are excited to announce that 7pace is now a Certified Top Publisher at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and a badge has been added to reflect this status in our latest release, 4.29. Other improvements and fixes include the Times Explorer page, which no longer refreshes after closing the work items form. In our REST API, \u0026#8220;user.displayName\u0026#8221; can now be expanded by setting up an \u0026#8220;expand\u0026#8221; query parameter in all..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"May 28, 2019","month":"May 28","year":2019,"title":"Approval \u0026#038; Performance Improvements Made in 4.28 Release","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s 4.28 release, performance improvements were implemented for bulk operations and bulk work item updates, such as bulk delete, import, CRUD API, etc., (performance for these operations have been improved 8-15 times). To illustrate this, the import time of 1000 records improved from 10 minutes to 40-70 seconds. Bulk worklog removal of 1000 records on the Times Explorer page previously took 8 minutes; it now takes only 30-40..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 25, 2019","month":"Apr 25","year":2019,"title":"Set and Assign Approval Managers in Release 4.27","text":"You asked and we deliver \u0026#8211; approval manager functionality now exists in the 4.27 release of 7pace Timetracker. Team members with any user role can be added as an Approval Manager or Global Approval Manager by a 7pace Timetracker administrator. Members of your team can now easily select to whom they want to send their timesheets for approval. Assigned approval managers can then see the timesheets that have been sent..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 01, 2019","month":"Apr 01","year":2019,"title":"Licensing \u0026#038; Subscription Management Moves into 7pace Timetracker","text":"With our latest release, 4.25, all licensing and subscription management has moved directly into 7pace Timetracker. To provide an even more integrated experience for our customers, 7pace has introduced new, seamless in-app licensing together with Chargebee, one of the largest SAAS selling platforms, on April 1, 2019. Found under \u0026#8220;Settings\u0026#8221; within 7pace Timetracker -\u0026gt; \u0026#8220;Subscription\u0026#8221;, you can now view, edit, change plans and users, update billing, view and print invoices..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 12, 2019","month":"Mar 12","year":2019,"title":"Configuration Menu Redesign in 4.24 Release","text":"In the new 4.24 release, we have completely redesigned and rearranged 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s \u0026#8220;Configuration\u0026#8221; menu to make it more user-friendly. You will now find the menu items formerly found on the \u0026#8220;Configuration\u0026#8221; tab of 7pace Timetracker under \u0026#8220;Settings\u0026#8221;: Also under the new \u0026#8220;Settings\u0026#8221; menu, as indicated in the screenshot, above,\u0026nbsp; users are now able to override the DevOps locale date and time formats used in 7pace Timetracker in the new..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 13, 2019","month":"Feb 13","year":2019,"title":"\u0026#8220;Billable\u0026#8221; as Default and DevOps Server 2019 Support in 4.23","text":"7pace Timetracker now lets you set all worklogs as \u0022Billable\u0022 and provides DevOps Server 2019 compatibility"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 31, 2019","month":"Jan 31","year":2019,"title":"Usability Improvements in 4.22 Release","text":"Check out 7pace Timetracker\u0027s latest fixes and improvements here"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 15, 2019","month":"Jan 15","year":2019,"title":"Search Field Added to Times Explorer \u0026#8220;Columns\u0026#8221; in 4.21","text":"We\u0026#8217;ve added a couple of cool improvements in the latest release of 7pace Timetracker. One of those is a \u0026#8220;Search\u0026#8221; field that has been added to in the \u0026#8220;Columns\u0026#8221; selector dialog on the \u0026#8220;Times Explorer\u0026#8221; page. When you select the \u0026#8220;Columns\u0026#8221; link on the page, you now have the ability to search through both 7pace Timetracker-specific and DevOps Services/Server columns within the resulting \u0026#8220;Select Columns to Display\u0026#8221; dialog list. Also..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 25, 2018","month":"Dec 25","year":2018,"title":"Global hotkey to show/hide the Windows Client in 4.20","text":"In 7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s new release, a Global hotkey was added to show and/or hide the Windows Client ([Win]+F12). We also fixed the \u0026#8216;Index was outside the bounds of the array\u0026#8217; error that appeared in the Event Viewer sporadically (on-premise only). For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in Timetracker 4.20 and all other releases, please check out our release articles here:\u0026nbsp; You can download the latest release of..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 11, 2018","month":"Dec 11","year":2018,"title":"Config Tool \u0026#038; API Reference Updates \u0026#038; More in 4.19","text":"Check out 7pace Timetracker\u0027s latest release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 27, 2018","month":"Nov 27","year":2018,"title":"See Who Approved Your Time with 4.18","text":"These are the improvements \u0026 fixes in Timetracker\u0027s new release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 30, 2018","month":"Oct 30","year":2018,"title":"\u0026#8220;Change Dates\u0026#8221; Now More Obvious on the Times Explorer Page in 4.17.1","text":"Check out the details of our new Timetracker release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 16, 2018","month":"Oct 16","year":2018,"title":"\u0026#8220;Date\u0026#8221; and \u0026#8220;Time\u0026#8221; Format Options Added to Times Explorer Import in 4.17","text":"In Timetracker\u0026#8217;s new release, you can now choose any custom \u0026#8220;Date\u0026#8221; and \u0026#8220;Time\u0026#8221; format when you\u0026#8217;re importing external time into Times Explorer. Check out more information on this new functionality here! We\u0026#8217;ve also improved the error message markup and styling and fixed some UI issues in Times Explorer \u0026#8220;Import\u0026#8221; dialog box/window to make it more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The Service Account section of Configuration -\u0026gt; Settings menu has been moved..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 03, 2018","month":"Oct 03","year":2018,"title":"Timetracker 4.16 Features Windows Client Improvements \u0026#038; Other Fixes","text":"In Timetracker\u0026#8217;s latest release, in the Config Tool, the \u0026#8220;Update Availability\u0026#8221; option on Timetracker\u0026#8217;s Admin console can now be seen properly on low-resolution screens (TFS only). Pair Your Windows Client Manually The Windows Client can also now be paired manually to TFS by providing your TFS URL and Collection name, and to DevOps using a PIN. For more information on how to do this (it\u0026#8217;s quick and easy!), check out..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 10, 2018","month":"Sep 10","year":2018,"title":"Work Item Type Colors Improved in Timetracker 4.15","text":"New release has improved caching performance \u0026 stability \u0026 return of older SQL Servers"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 21, 2018","month":"Aug 21","year":2018,"title":"Iterations Now Supports Vertical VSTS\u0026#8217; \u0026#8220;Team\u0026#8221; Selection","text":"Check out the latest fixes and improvements in Timetracker 4.14"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 31, 2018","month":"Jul 31","year":2018,"title":"\u0026#8220;Start Tracking\u0026#8221; from the Backlog Pages of Timetracker 4.13","text":"Check out our latest features, fixes and improvements!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 10, 2018","month":"Jul 10","year":2018,"title":"New API Preview in Timetracker 4.12!","text":"\u0022Make Me an Admin\u0022 plus other improvements and fixes in new release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jun 20, 2018","month":"Jun 20","year":2018,"title":"Check out Timetracker 4.11\u0026#8217;s Latest Improvements and Fixes","text":"Improvements in Timetracker 4.11.0 include the addition of a detailed, more user-friendly error message on the Times Explorer page if a GetAllData request fails. Previously, requests for work item details from users who don\u0026#8217;t have access to all projects was returning empty results. Now, a condition to filter based on projects with access for the user when the query is not working, has been added. Some fixes from our latest..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"May 29, 2018","month":"May 29","year":2018,"title":"Links Added for Timetracker Mobile Preview in 4.10","text":"Fixes \u0026 performance improvements also added in Timetracker\u0027s latest release!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"May 22, 2018","month":"May 22","year":2018,"title":"Apply Settings Across Projects with Timetracker 4.9","text":"Check out our latest improvements and fixes!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 17, 2018","month":"Apr 17","year":2018,"title":"Ten Times Faster Times Explorer Load Time with 4.8","text":"Timetracker\u0027s latest release features improved performance"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 05, 2018","month":"Apr 05","year":2018,"title":"Approval Archive Fix \u0026#038; Other Improvements in 4.7","text":"Check out the latest news on Timetracker\u0027s 4.7.0 Release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 16, 2018","month":"Mar 16","year":2018,"title":"Scrollbars on Approval Page Fixed in 4.6","text":"Check out the latest Timetracker improvements and fixes!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 07, 2018","month":"Mar 07","year":2018,"title":"Continued Performance Improvements and Installer Fixes in Timetracker 4.5.5","text":"See the details of our latest release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 13, 2018","month":"Feb 13","year":2018,"title":"Improved Application Performance on Timetracker 4.5","text":"Check out improvements and fixes in our latest release!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 30, 2018","month":"Jan 30","year":2018,"title":"Timetracker 4.4.0 Features Performance Improvements and Other Fixes","text":"Check out what\u0027s new in our latest release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 09, 2018","month":"Jan 09","year":2018,"title":"New 4.3 Release Brings Improved Web Client Performance","text":"Check out Timetracker\u0027s latest improvements and fixes"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 25, 2017","month":"Dec 25","year":2017,"title":"Timetracker 4.2.4 Offers Configuration, Authorization Fixes and More!","text":"Check out an overview of what\u0027s included in release 4.2.4"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 12, 2017","month":"Dec 12","year":2017,"title":"Timetracker Release 4.2.0 Improves Email Notifications \u0026#038; Support Info","text":"Check out our latest improvements and fixes!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 28, 2017","month":"Nov 28","year":2017,"title":"4.1.0 Release Features New \u0026#8220;Apps\u0026#8221; Page and Licensing Improvements","text":"Check out improvements, new features and fixes in Timetracker 4.1.0!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 16, 2017","month":"Nov 16","year":2017,"title":"Timetracker 4.0.1 Fixes User Activity Check Issue","text":"Hotfix release made today"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 15, 2017","month":"Nov 15","year":2017,"title":"Timetracker 4 with New Client Interface","text":"Major update of 7pace Timetracker released today"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 26, 2017","month":"Oct 26","year":2017,"title":"Timetracker 4 RC is available","text":"Support for Macintosh and Smartphone is on its way along with an all-new Web client and Server Side Tracking"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 18, 2017","month":"Oct 18","year":2017,"title":"API Messaging Fix in New Timetracker Release","text":"Minor Fix in 3.2.5 and M111"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 03, 2017","month":"Oct 03","year":2017,"title":"Windows Client Pairing Fixed in Latest Timetracker Releases","text":"Timetracker for TFS 3.2.4 and Timetracker for VSTS M110 released today"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 19, 2017","month":"Sep 19","year":2017,"title":"TFS 2018 Compatibility Addressed in Timetracker Releases","text":"Check out 7pace Timetracker for TFS 3.2.3 and Timetracker for VSTS M109 updates "},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 09, 2017","month":"Sep 09","year":2017,"title":"7pace Timetracker\u0026#8217;s Visual Studio Add-On Compatible with VS 2017","text":"7pace Timetracker for TFS 3.2.2 and Timetracker for VSTS M108 updates available "},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 22, 2017","month":"Aug 22","year":2017,"title":"New Release: 7pace Timetracker 3.2.1/M107","text":"Latest improvements and fixes in 7pace Timetracker"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 08, 2017","month":"Aug 08","year":2017,"title":"New Release: 7pace Timetracker 3.2.0/M106","text":"\u0022Times Explorer\u0022 improvements in new releases"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 25, 2017","month":"Jul 25","year":2017,"title":"Release 3.1.10 out for download","text":"Minor fixes in Timetracker for TFS"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 11, 2017","month":"Jul 11","year":2017,"title":"New Release: 7pace Timetracker 3.1.9/M104","text":"Timesheet improvements made in this release!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jun 27, 2017","month":"Jun 27","year":2017,"title":"\u0026#8220;Times Explorer\u0026#8221; Page Now Available for Everyone!","text":"Times Explorer for everyone and Timesheet improved!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jun 07, 2017","month":"Jun 07","year":2017,"title":"New Release: 7pace Timetracker 3.1.7/M102.1","text":"API improvements made in our latest releases!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"May 24, 2017","month":"May 24","year":2017,"title":"New Release: 7pace Timetracker 3.1.6/M102","text":"Check out the updates in our latest release (3.1.6/M102)"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"May 03, 2017","month":"May 03","year":2017,"title":"\u0026#8220;Activity Types\u0026#8221; feature is here!","text":"Check out the new \u0022Activity Types\u0022 in the latest release of 7pace Timetracker (3.1.4/M100)!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"Cloud","link":""},{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 22, 2017","month":"Mar 22","year":2017,"title":"New: Adjustable \u0026#8216;Billable Hours\u0026#8217;","text":"New \u0022Billable Hours\u0022 feature added on today\u0027s release (3.1.1/M97)"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 08, 2017","month":"Mar 08","year":2017,"title":"7pace Timetracker for TFS 3.1.0","text":"Company re-branding news and \u0022Comments\u0022 now show on \u0022Approval\u0022 page"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 02, 2017","month":"Mar 02","year":2017,"title":"TFS Timetracker (On-Premise) 3.0.8","text":"TT (On-Premise) now compatible with TFS 2017 Update 1 RC2 and work item colors mirror TFS!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 07, 2017","month":"Feb 07","year":2017,"title":"TFS Timetracker (On-Premise) 3.0.7","text":"Timetracker Now Compatible with TFS 2017 Update1 RC"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 24, 2017","month":"Jan 24","year":2017,"title":"TFS Timetracker (On-Premise) 3.0.6","text":"Migration Tool performance has been improved in our newest release"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jan 18, 2017","month":"Jan 18","year":2017,"title":"TFS Timetracker (On-Premise): 3.0.3 \u0026#8211; 3.0.5","text":"Check out all the details on our latest releases"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 16, 2016","month":"Nov 16","year":2016,"title":"It\u0026#8217;s Here: TFS Timetracker 3 Makes Life Easier","text":"Today, we’re releasing Version 3 of TFS Timetracker. It’s been almost entirely rebuilt inside the new Microsoft Extension Model and has a number of major improvements that will help you keep focused on the work that matters most."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 11, 2016","month":"Aug 11","year":2016,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.8.2","text":"Minor service release available; Visual Studio Add-On now splitted from client setup."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 05, 2016","month":"Aug 05","year":2016,"title":"TFS Timetracker 3 Beta","text":"Proudly announcing TFS Timetracker 3! Beta available for download today."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 01, 2016","month":"Jul 01","year":2016,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.8.1","text":"Proxy server support for license activation now available."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 18, 2016","month":"Apr 18","year":2016,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.8 available","text":"Monthly plans and automatic activation available with TFS Timetracker 2.8"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 01, 2016","month":"Apr 01","year":2016,"title":"TFS 2015 Update 2 is here!","text":"TFS 2015 Update 2 has released to public; TFS Timetracker sim ships with compatible setup."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 23, 2016","month":"Feb 23","year":2016,"title":"Beta for TFS 2015 Update 2 RC 1","text":"Microsoft released Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 2 RC 1, TFS Timetracker Beta available!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 17, 2016","month":"Feb 17","year":2016,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.7.1","text":"Not just a service release! Great enhancements you have asked for."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 17, 2015","month":"Dec 17","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.7 available","text":"New: Approval! Add Time! TFS Timetracker 2.7 is available."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 01, 2015","month":"Dec 01","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.9 for TFS 2015 U1","text":"TFS Timetracker is available for the new Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 17, 2015","month":"Nov 17","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.9","text":"Added compatibility to TFS 2015 U1 RC2, fixed an issue with TFS 2015 RTM."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Oct 01, 2015","month":"Oct 01","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.8","text":"Today TFS Timetracker 2.6.8 shipped with 2 fixes for all platforms."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 17, 2015","month":"Sep 17","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.7","text":"We just shipped TFS Timetracker 2.6.7 with updates for TFS 2015."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Sep 11, 2015","month":"Sep 11","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.6","text":"Service release for TFS 2015 Wednesday evening we have released the 2.6.6 which fixes a bug that rarely affects some systems with Team Foundation Server 2015."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 25, 2015","month":"Aug 25","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.5","text":"Service release for TFS 2015 Today we shipped TFS Timetracker 2.6.5 which is addressing an issue that rarely appears under Team Foundation Server 2015."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Aug 17, 2015","month":"Aug 17","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.4","text":"Team Foundation Server 2015 is here! Today we shipped service release 2.6.4 with support for the final Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 16, 2015","month":"Jul 16","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.3 and TFS 2015 RC2","text":"Team Foundation Server 2015 RC2 As we have reported earlier in our blog, Microsoft did postpone the release to public of Team Foundation Server 2015 RTM.  Instead, 2015 RC2 was released, with an announcement that the RTM, the ready to manufacture, aka final aka official version will be delivered later that year."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 14, 2015","month":"Jul 14","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.3","text":"Service release 2.6.3 is available Yesterday night we shipped the latest service release that is covering some nasty issues for a small group of users."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jun 16, 2015","month":"Jun 16","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6.2","text":"Service release 2.6.2 is available Today we have released the latest version of TFS Timetracker. This version addresses an issue that has been reported by some users."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"May 01, 2015","month":"May 01","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.6 released","text":"Say hello to API and VS Integration! We had quite an exiting week by finishing tests for support of Team Foundation Server  2015, some updates to our shop, and after running our 2.6 beta for a couple of weeks, finally releasing the new TFS Timetracker. So it\u0026#8217;s here, available for download!"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 19, 2015","month":"Feb 19","year":2015,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.5.4 released","text":"Version 2.5.4 is out now Today we have released the latest version of TFS Timetracker. It contains a couple of minor improvements as well as fixes."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 05, 2014","month":"Dec 05","year":2014,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.5.3 released","text":"2.5.3 released today Today we have released the latest version of TFS Timetracker. It contains a couple of minor improvements as well as fixes."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Nov 12, 2014","month":"Nov 12","year":2014,"title":"Update 4: Compatibility Tested","text":"Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 4 released This post is to inform you that compatibility of TFS Timetracker 2.5.2 has been tested and confirmed to be 100% fine with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 4 . If you update your server from Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2 or 3, you can do so by simply running the installer of Team Foundation Server. If you are updating from earlier versions of Team..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 25, 2014","month":"Jul 25","year":2014,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.5 is available.","text":"More than just tracking against work items. 2.5 is here. We didn’t pause. Today we are releasing the biggest update ever for TFS Timetracker. It is full of great new features, so that we can’t even describe all of them here. Times Explorer with Import"},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Jul 23, 2014","month":"Jul 23","year":2014,"title":"Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3 Support","text":"TFS Timetracker 2.4.3 is compatible to Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3. Since the next release for Team Foundation Server is close to happen for public, it is time to state if TFS Timetracker is compatible or not. Yes, our testing people report: it is fully compatible."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 24, 2014","month":"Apr 24","year":2014,"title":"2.4 Is Here! Explore The New Experience.","text":"Version 2.4 of TFS Timetracker Released Today. Thank you so much for such a lot precious feedback! We have implemented a lot of changes you have been waiting for. The \u0026#8216;Timetracker Tab\u0026#8217; in every item We added the tab “Timetracker” as an extension to Team Foundation Server. Whenever you open an item in Team Foundation Server web access, you have this new tab displaying an analysis of time efforts."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 08, 2014","month":"Apr 08","year":2014,"title":"Update for Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2","text":"TFS Timetracker 2.3.1 for Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2 available today Today we released an update of TFS Timetracker to be compatible with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 03, 2014","month":"Apr 03","year":2014,"title":"Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2","text":"Microsoft today released Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2 Today Microsoft released Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2, pretty fast. Please note that TFS Timetracker for TFS 2013, in its current release 2.3, is not (yet) compatible with this very latest Version of Team Foundation Server."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Apr 01, 2014","month":"Apr 01","year":2014,"title":"2.4 BETA available today","text":"TFS Timetracker 2.4 Beta available for registered Users The release 2.4 will be full of groundbreaking new features and changes. If you want to get a preview of this we prepared a beta release for you today. Although there are still known issues and the interface might change here and there a little, the beta provides you with a stable working environment."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Mar 12, 2014","month":"Mar 12","year":2014,"title":"Version 2.3! The \u0026#8220;Start\u0026#8221; button has arrived.","text":"Version 2.3 of TFS Timetracker Released \u0026#8211; Say Hello to \u0026#8220;Start\u0026#8221;! Today we released the new version of TFS Timetracker with a big bunch of new stuff inside. \u0026#8216;Start Tracking\u0026#8217; button inside TFS\u0026#8217; web workitem editor We added the ‘Start Tracking’ button as an extension to TFS web! Now you can start tracking with your local Windows client just with a click directly on the item itself in TFS web...."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Feb 18, 2014","month":"Feb 18","year":2014,"title":"Version 2.2 of TFS Timetracker released! Speed, speed, speed\u0026#8230;","text":"Version 2.2 of TFS Timetracker released! Speed, speed, speed\u0026#8230; We are proud to announce that today we released our new version 2.2 of TFS Timetracker to public! This time we concentrated not on new features but on the overall user experience \u0026#8211; starting as early as from setup. So we looked under every little stone and figured out how to improve the behaviour of the application. Thanks a lot for..."},{"image":"","link":"","cat":[{"name":"On-Premises","link":""}],"date":"Dec 18, 2013","month":"Dec 18","year":2013,"title":"TFS Timetracker 2.1 is available, now with TFS 2013 support","text":"TFS Timetracker 2.1 now with TFS 2013 support Today we released TFS Timetracker 2.1. Changelog: Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 is now supported Some minor bug fixes"}]

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