Published:Aug 08, 2018

Do Software Developers Need a Degree?

This is a guest post from Alice Davies of Maryville University Online

What’s the deal with computer science degrees, anyway?

Some people say you need one to be a competent programmer. Others just laugh and point at Mark Zuckerberg.

Although there are many opinions on the subject of whether developers need to hold a degree or not, one thing is clear. There are advantages to having a degree that even talented software developers may not enjoy without a formal credential.

Studies have found that developers with degrees tend to earn more, for example. And, there is the obvious advantage of not having to worry about whether or not the specific job you’re applying for requires a degree or not (it’s no fun to try to convince HR that you should be an exception to the posted requirements).

An infographic created by Maryville University analyzes some of the specifics around why having a degree may be beneficial. While they obviously have their own interests in mind, anyone who’s on the fence may be interested in the points they discuss.

Check it out:

Top 10 Benefits of a Degree Holder in Software Development Infographic

Maryville University

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