Published:Oct 14, 2020

7pace Timetracker FAQs and Q&A Webinar

Note: This webinar is for current 7pace Timetracker users. If you are looking for an introduction to 7pace Timetracker as a whole, check out our free trial on the Azure DevOps Marketplace or contact

In this webinar, 7pace Product Manager Andrea sits down and answers some of the FAQs 7pace Timetracker for Azure DevOps users have.

  • What are the ways I can add time into 7pace Timetracker?
  • Why am I seeing a ‘this door is locked’ message? and user management basics
  • How do I compare estimations with actual time spent?
  • What are budgets, and what do they help us do?
  • What are the functionalities of reporting? 
  • How do we use 7pace Timetracker to track their internally billable (chargeback) software development work?

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