Published:Apr 22, 2021

Faster Load Time of 7pace Timetracker Tab & Other Performance Improvements in 5.17.1

In our 5.17.1 release, we’ve continued to make strides toward overall faster and better performance throughout 7pace Timetracker. Let us know if you notice a difference in the load time of the 7pace Timetracker tab on the work item form and in the load time of every page you open within Timetracker; we’d love to hear your feedback.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new and improved Windows App, which many of our customers have been enjoying for some time now, we encourage you to do so! To give you a reminder to check out the great improvements made to our downloadable Windows App, we’ve even added a prompt to remind you to update to the new Windows App (for Cloud users only), if you’re still using the legacy version. You can find more information about the new features and functionality of the Windows (and Mac) App here.

Within our API reference, we’ve added “workItemsFilter” and “worklogsFilter” parameters to all endpoints where it’s possible to use them. Also, the “ParentItem” field has been renamed to “Parent” for “workItemsHierarchy” and “workItemsHierarchyAllLevels” endpoints to match real Odata models.

We’ve also fixed an issue that was occurring in rare cases where a subscription was displaying as expired for the day, even though the license was renewed during that day (on-premise only).

For our full list of fixes and improvements in this release, you can find additional detail in our Release Notes.

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On-premise customers can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for DevOps Server for Windows.

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