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Published:Dec 08, 2022

Global Filters Enhance Advanced Search

We recently added filters for an improved search experience in our Add Time Dialog. In our 5.44 release, we’ve taken it a step further with one of our most popular and requested feature requests: our Global Filters feature now allows you to set pre-filters organization-wide to the search functionality on the Add/Edit Time Dialog Advanced Search.

7pace Timetracker administrators can set default filters for your organization, implementing company-wide tracking rules. For example, let’s say that you don’t want your team tracking on “Epics” or “closed” work items. Your admin can now set up global filters so that only “Issue” or “Task” work item types that have the statuses of “active” or “in-progress” display in search results within the Add Time Dialog.

For big companies with a long history, closed items may ‘spam’ the search with irrelevant results; global filters allow you to render the results your team sees both more concise and effective.

An admin can easily set up global filters organization-wide from the “Settings” page of 7pace Timetracker, under Rules, within the Global Filters section.

In the above example, global filters are set for work item type “Epic”, in Project “My Health Clinic” with either the “Approved” or “Committed” statuses.

Global filters don’t prevent users from adding time on items matching the filter; the items just don’t appear in our search in the Add Time Dialogue. Additionally, users can still temporarily adjust / remove these filters from the “Add Time” dialog search when needed.

Click on the “x” icon to temporarily remove filters

When the page reloads, global filters are renewed.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature – we heard your request for this and we’re always striving to improve, based on your input! Please leave a comment below, or if you’d prefer to jump on a quick call to discuss with us in person, we’d be happy to make arrangements here

To view improvements and fixes made in this and all other releases in more detail, our release articles can be found here: Release History

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