Published:Jan 27, 2020

Improved Speed & Performance with Geo-distribution for 7pace Timetracker

With our latest release, 5.5, you can now store your 7pace Timetracker data in a region of your choice. Geo-distribution allows you to choose from a Microsoft Azure datacenter near your base of operations. With your 7pace Timetracker data stored closer, Timetracker will run faster and you’ll notice improved performance for your team.

Previously, all 7pace Timetracker customers automatically had their data housed in an Azure West Europe location. Now, our new geo-distribution system also stores and processes data within Azure datacenters in the following geographical locations:

  • Azure Central US
  • Azure South India
  • Azure Australia East
  • Azure West Europe

To take advantage of improved Timetracker’s performance, we recommend that you choose a Timetracker data location that’s as close as possible to your Azure DevOps data location.

You can find your current data location under the “Settings” tab of 7pace Timetracker on the “Overview” page:

You can learn more about finding your Timetracker data location here.

Rest assured, 7pace Timetracker operates at the highest level of security and follows European data laws. We won’t move data without your consent.

To get-distribution for your team, please reach out to 7pace Timetracker support and we’d be happy to help!

Have more questions on geo-distribution?

Check out our geo-distribution FAQ!

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