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Published:Aug 08, 2017

Introducing Layouts and All Columns from VSTS/TFS in Times Explorer

There are lots of exciting changes in 7pace Timetracker 3.2.0 and M106!

“Times Explorer” Layouts Are Here!

The “Times Explorer” page is now even more customizable and powerful than ever before. You can now add, edit and save your own “Layouts” via our user-friendly collapsible panel! When you first navigate to the “Times Explorer” page, you will see a list of pre-configured “Layouts” that display for every user. You can edit, rename, and/or delete these pre-existing “Layouts” as you choose. If you have already configured your “Times Explorer” page prior to the new “Layouts” feature being introduced, you will see an additional layout added to the list displayed in the screenshot, below; “My Layout” will show the “Times Explorer” page as you last customized it before the “Layouts” feature was added.

The “Layout” section is collapsible. By clicking the “<” icon above the “New Layout” link, the list of layouts can be collapsed to give you more real estate on the “Times Explorer” page.

“Times Explorer”: Total Recall

Clicking “New Layout” allows you to create a new customizable layout that will be available to you each time you navigate to the “Times Explorer” page. Once you name your layout, you can customize it to show exactly what data and columns you want to see on the page. You can save your column order, column width, filters, groupings, sorting, etc. You can also click on an existing layout, make changes to it, and then click “New Layout” and your changes will be saved as a whole new layout.

Even More Integration on the Work Item Form

On the “Time” tab of the work item form, under the “Work Item” section, a new icon () icon displays next to “Hours” tracked on that work item.

Clicking on the icon opens that work item’s details on the “Times Explorer” page, providing even more robust information on the time tracked to that work item:

… and more …

You can now click anywhere in the “Times Explorer” grid, on a row, and the row will automatically be checked/highlighted. When a row(s) is selected, additional buttons display on the page: “Assign Budget”, “Billable”, “Changed Activity Type” and “Delete”. You’ll notice that clickable blue links now display where further action can be taken by you, the user. Click on a blue highlighted link and you will be prompted to take additional action, if desired.

“Times Explorer” All Columns Added!

You asked and we delivered. We have added all fields from your TFS or VSTS project to the list of Timetracker columns available on the “Times Explorer” page. When you click on the “Columns” button, the “Select Columns to Display” box appears, allowing you to cherry-pick not only columns from the Timetracker database, but also all columns from your TFS or VSTS project.

You can now move the columns on the “Times Explorer” page by simply dragging them to display in the order that you prefer. Click “Save” to maintain any changes to the list of columns and the specific details of tracked time you want to display on the “Times Explorer” page as part of your specific “Layout”.

We hope you enjoy these changes to the “Times Explorer” page – they were born out of your feedback and the collaboration with our development team. Please let us know what you think!

For more information, please see Times Explorer Page Overview in our user documentation.

For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in this and all other releases, please check out our release articles here:

You can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for TFS here:

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Mike Wines


Hi, I have created a query in Times Explorer to validate daily recording of time booked. I'd like t o hare it with my team but it only saves in My Queries. Is there a way to share this query please, maybe by downloading to a shared drive?? Thanks, - Mike PS: Hope you enjoy the photographs!

Leah Copeland


In reply to Mike Wines.

Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment! At the moment, this is not possible, but we welcome you to post a Feature Request on the 7pace online community: Here, other Timetracker users can "vote" on your request if they, too, would find it useful and our development team will update you (and you will be notified) if they incorporate your suggestion into a future release. Thanks again for the input!

Artjom Jensen


Happy to see this update.

Leah Copeland


In reply to Artjom Jensen.

Thank you, Artjom! We hope it helps you out and please let us know your thoughts once you try it out!



Looks great. I'm trying it.

Leah Copeland


In reply to Rodrigo.

Thanks, Rodrigo! Let us know what you think once you try it out!

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