.NET Core Update and Ability to Assign Budget From a Work Item in Timetracker’s 5.10 & 5.11 Releases - 7pace
Published:Oct 22, 2020

.NET Core Update and Ability to Assign Budget From a Work Item in Timetracker’s 5.10 & 5.11 Releases

With the release of Timetracker 5.10 and 5.11, we’re excited to share that 7pace Timetracker is no longer running in a Windows-exclusive environment; we’ve officially made the switch to ASP.NET Core 3.1. For our users, we anticipate reduced authorization requests and page load time. As a result, we hope you experience pages that load faster and are more responsive. With this also comes greater security, reliability and makes us a part of a much bigger community. Look for a behind-the-scenes post on our process, coming soon!

For .NET Core update requirements, please click here.

Assign a budget from the work item form

Also in this release, we’ve added the ability to assign a work item to a budget directly from the 7pace Timetracker tab of the work item.

Click on the 7pace Timetracker tab within a work item to assign it directly to a budget

You can also view budget inheritance information directly from the 7pace Timetracker tab.


For more information on how to add a budget directly from the work item form, please check out our documentation here.

API endpoint lets you see active Timetracker users

We just released a new API endpoint that allows all our users to return a list of licensed users in their organizations with details on their collection, role, name, email, last activity date, etc. Click here for more information.

Assign a project to a Budget

You can also now assign a root iteration (e.g. a project) to a budget,  so that all sub-iterations are automatically added.

From the “Budgets” page, you can now add a whole project to a budget

There’s more …

To see fixes we’ve made in this release, as well as details on all other releases, please check our release articles here.

On-Prem Download

Customers can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker (on-prem) for DevOps Server for Windows.

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