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Published:Jul 02, 2021

New Features Added to the “Add Time” Dialog in 7pace Timetracker 5.20

In 7pace Timetracker’s 5.20 release, we’ve added some new controls to the Add/Edit Time Dialog to make it even easier to add your time. You can now quickly select worklog duration (0.5h, 1h, 2h, 4h) from preset buttons when adding a worklog:

In addition, try hovering over a work item ID in the  work item search text field with the “Add/Edit” Time dialog – you’ll notice that the work item hierarchy and project name now displays inside a tooltip!

Further improvements in our latest release include a new API v3.2 endpoint that allows you to manage users (change/remove/assign user roles). You can find more information within our Reporting API Reference.

For our full list of fixes and improvements in this release, you can find additional detail in our Release Notes.

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There are improvements in the new mask, but one big drawback for me is the new block \'Duration\'. I use the fields \'From\' and \'To\' to add my time and use the Tab key to get from one field to the other. Because of the new block \'Duration\' I have 5 more fields that I have to skip - which is annoying!

Sara Traband


In reply to Markus.

Thank you, we love the feedback! I have notified our Product team. We are working on making this feature more customisable. Keep an eye out for these updates. In the meantime you can always send us feedback to our community board: Support

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