Published:Jan 15, 2020

Reporting Improvements Continue in 5.4 Release

We continue to gradually roll out our Reporting page to our customers, receive feedback and make fixes and changes. In our latest release, 5.4, we’ve made some new improvements and fixes that we hope will continue to make your experience a positive one.

In addition to improving the overall performance of reporting data processing, we’ve also added a new “MathExpression” formatter to widgets configuration. We invite you to check out this reference – https://support.7pace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035502332-Reporting-API-Overview#data-formatters 

The worklogsWorkitems endpoint in Reporting Odata can now show the ParentItem of Workitems and also allows group worklogs by ParentItem. (Only for Odata v3.1-beta)

A “Billable” dashboard filter was added to Reporting as well. It can be enabled within any dashboard by clicking the “Edit” button and selecting the “Billable” filter in the filters list.

Finally, the “workItemsHierarchyAllLevels” endpoint supports all standard requests now (the same as “workItemsHierarchy”).

There’s more …

To see fixes we’ve made in this release, as well as details on all other releases, please check our release articles here.

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