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Published:Nov 02, 2021

Teams Can Now Prevent Time Entry on Closed Items Throughout 7pace Timetracker

In 7pace Timetracker’s 5.23 release, we’ve added the ability to prevent time entry on closed workitems. This has been a popular one on our 7pace Feature Request Community and support channels! 

Many of our users shared that this would encourage time tracking on active items before they moved to a closed state and the general consensus was that it would ultimately prevent discrepancies between the data in the reports and the data in the system, leading to increased accuracy all-around.

Where to set it up

A 7pace Timetracker administrator can now go to the “Rules” section of our “Settings” page and enable the “Prevent Time Entry Against Closed Items” checkbox.

Please keep in mind that this checkbox is not enabled by default. A 7pace Timetracker admin must manually enable it if they wish to restrict time entry for their team on closed items. 

Where you’ll see in-app changes

This will prevent users from tracking time, adding editing or deleting time on workitems that are closed on the Monthly, Timesheet, and Times Explorer pages – and directly from the workitem form itself.

Prompts will display on the Add Time Dialog to let you know the item is closed
The Monthly page details panel displays a locked icon to indicate the item is closed

With “Prevent Time Entry Against Closed Items” enabled, this will also restrict your team members from tracking time on workitems that are in a closed state via the integrated Web App found at the top of each 7pace Timetracker page, and the 7pace desktop app.

Does this new functionality help your team and improve your workflow? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, below.

For our full list of fixes and improvements in this release, you can find additional detail in our Release Notes.

On-Prem Download

On-premise customers can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for DevOps Server for Windows.

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