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Published:May 10, 2017

The 9 Best Ways to Track Your Efforts with Timetracker

There are plenty of ways you can enter your time efforts with 7pace Timetracker.

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Get more information from our documentation about what you have seen – The 9 Best Ways to Track Your Time Efforts:

9. The Start Tracking Button (see “The Work Item Details Window” section):
8. Tracking from the Windows Client:
7. Add Time from the Work Item Form (see The Work Item Detail Window section):
6. The Monthly View–Monthly-Page-Overview
5. Add New Time in Timesheet–Timesheet-Page-Overview
4. Timesheet Cells and 3. The List Editor–Timesheet-Page-Adding-New-Time-for-the-Week
2. Times Explorer–Times-Explorer-Adding-Editing-or-Deleting-a-Time-Record
1. Use Excel–Times-Explorer-Importing-Time-Records

By Marc Schaeffler
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