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Published:Nov 08, 2021

Time Tracking Is Even Easier With 7pace’s Desktop App

Did you know that 7pace has a downloadable desktop app (for both Mac and Windows) that allows you to not only track time on-the-fly, but also lets you smoothly and seamlessly add, edit, delete, and duplicate time without ever having to leave the app itself?

We’ve come a long way from the original design of what used to be referred to as our “Windows Client”. After gathering feedback directly from you and via our online feature request community, we completely re-imagined the “Windows Client” and re-released it as it is today: the full-featured 7pace App for Mac and Windows that syncs across all platforms and devices.

Getting your hands on the 7pace App is as easy as downloading it from the 7pace website or from the Apps page within 7pace Timetracker after it’s been added to Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO). Choose either the Mac or Windows version and pair it to the ADO organization of your choice. You can easily switch between ADO orgs without ever leaving the 7pace App with the multi-org-selector menu on the app toolbar.

Open your 7pace App and you’ll immediately see a list of tracked time – or what we like to refer to as “worklogs” – that you’ve previously tracked on in the “History” section. 

Click on the green arrow button to start a new track or the blue “+” button to add time manually

You can start tracking directly on any of your existing worklogs or you can begin tracking time on a brand new item. All of this can be done directly from the 7pace App! Likewise, if you’ve forgotten to start tracking in real time, you can add time after-the-fact right from within the 7pace App without ever leaving the app. 

With a simple click of your mouse, you can choose to view these worklogs either chronologically or by last edited, and you can scroll down to view the last 20 worklogs on which you’ve tracked. Everything you need to know is right there – workitem ID, title, comment, if added, and activity type, if selected. In addition, you can easily view work item details like the name and project and you can open the work item itself by clicking on the work item ID. 

If you need to edit, delete or even duplicate your time, you can also do this directly from the 7pace app without having to open up the 7pace web app. 

Click on a worklog in your history section to edit, duplicate, delete or start tracking

Want to start tracking on or add time to items that might not have a workitem ID associated with them, like vacation or sick days, meetings or phone calls with clients? You can also do that with the 7pace App. 

The 7pace App also has its own settings built right in. You can set your app to stop tracking time when you lock your computer or have your app automatically start when your computer starts. From “Settings”, you can set your 7pace App as “always on top” so it’s always easily accessible while you work. You can also choose to have it display in a minimized view for more real estate on your screen. You can also configure your own Hotkeys right from within the app itself.

Minimize your 7pace desktop app so it’s right there but out of the way

For a more detailed user guide on our 7pace Mac and Windows App, we’ve recorded a video that will guide you through, step-by-step or you can check out our docs here.

As always, your feedback is encourage and appreciated. Let us know your thoughts our desktop app and if it makes tracking your time easier and more efficient.

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