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Published:Feb 10, 2021

“Timesheet Copy” Added to Timetracker 5.15

Throughout the 7pace online feature request community, there has been consistent buzz asking for functionality that became dubbed “Timesheet Copy”. Our customers sought a quick and easy way to display work items from a previous week’s timesheet to the current week if they were still working on those items.

Fill your timesheet with ease!

So, our team gathered this feedback from you and got to work. “Timesheet Copy” evolved into the functionality you’ll now find in 7pace Timetracker’s latest release. It’s now possible to display work items from previous weeks on your current timesheet. Our goal was to make the process of keeping track of your work as easy – and pain-free – as possible, if you work on the same items over the course of multiple weeks.

You’ll notice we’ve added a Show items from option on the Timesheet filters bar. With this option enabled, your timesheet loads work items from previous weeks – you can choose to show items from the previous week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks prior to the current week. These items will display even if there are no worklogs yet assigned to them (or “time tracked”) in the current week. We’ve added a convenient light blue highlight that displays to differentiate these items without worklogs during your current week, so you can easily pick them out on your timesheet.

We've added a Show items from option on the Timesheet filters bar

We’ve also added the option to show or hide work items’ hierarchies on the page. If you click “Show parents“, for every work item that is shown on the Timesheet page, the entire hierarchy, up to the top parent item, is also displayed. If you select “Hide parents”, parents and hierarchies are hidden.

We've added the option to show or hide work items' hierarchies on the page.

You can find out more information on the Timesheet page and its new features and functionality within 7pace Timetracker’s Timesheet Page overview.

To even further help you keep track of your time, we’ve added a convenient “Add Time” button right next to the “Start Tracking” button on the work item form’s “Details” tab.

Mac App is evolving!

Our Mac App has been undergoing some improvements recently as well. In the latest version, we’ve added the ability to scroll through worklog history, improved switching between worklogs, and added customizable global hotkeys that are configurable within the app’s Settings section. Keep an eye out for multi-organization support, coming later this week, which will allow you to work with multiple DevOps organizations. You can now easily manage paired organizations with our new organization selector menu right next to “Settings”.

7pace Mac App has been undergoing some improvements recently as well

More details on all our current and past releases can be found here.

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