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Published:Dec 25, 2017

Timetracker 4.2.4 Offers Configuration, Authorization Fixes and More!

Release 4.2.4 provides some convenient fixes that we’d like to share with you.

Configuration Tool Fixes Implemented

Timetracker’s Configuration Tool had an installation issue that appeared if firewall service was disabled that has now been fixed.

Authorization and Token Fixes for All Browsers

A new authorization and token process was implemented to now work in all browsers, including IE (VSTS only).

Deleting Tracked Item Now Works As Designed

Timetracker no longer crashes if you delete a work item that you are currently tracking on. Instead, Timetracker will continue tracking on that item if you try to delete it elsewhere. Once you stop tracking on that item, however, you can no longer track on it going forward.

For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details in this and all other releases, please check out our release articles here: https://support.7pace.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000080746-Release-History

You can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker for TFS here: https://www.7pace.com/download

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