Published:Nov 15, 2017

Happy New Client Interface! 7pace Timetracker 4 is here.

Did you know it all started with the Windows client? When we first implemented a tool for tracking time on items in the backlog, we wrote a desktop application to track work in a database.

After 5 years of development, Timetracker has grown to become a popular standard for time management within the Microsoft ALM environment. But tracking time was still based on the engine running on your desktop, which comes with quite a few limitations.

Today we are proud to announce our latest version of Timetracker with a deep-seated architecture change and lots of awesome new features!

Server Side Tracking

Start, work, stop – the clock now ticks on the server, regardless if you are using 7pace Timetracker on your TFS server or on your VSTS account.

This may sound like a simple change, but it opens up a bunch of possibilities:

  • Track time with no desktop running
  • Use Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Have multiple clients tracking simultaneously
  • Start, check, stop from anywhere
  • See the tracking integrated in Team Services web UI
  • Use your Smartphone
  • Connect tracking to your systems, or even create your own client

That also means that our existing clients had to be revised deeply.

We took the opportunity to clean up the entire architecture.

New HTML Client

You asked for it: “I am using a Mac, how can I use Timetracker?” or “I want to track but don’t want to install a client?”

We have added a full-featured client right into the web interface of Team Services / Timetracker. You don’t need to install any client at all, just go to the work item form and hit “Start Tracking”. After filling in comment and activity type, you will see the time start ticking.

Redone: Windows Client

The Windows client serving 7pace Timetracker until version 3.0 is being retired. RIP old friend.

Now, there is a new client, created from scratch and introduced with 7pace Timetracker 4.0.

Enjoy seamless tracking, great UX, easy pairing, multiple connections to servers, as well as setting the activity type and (multiline!) comments directly from the client!

Email Notifications

Left your desk and forgot to switch off tracking? No worries. Timetracker will do that for you automatically, and send you a notification by email. This new email notification engine will be used for more customizable notifications in the future.

Client API

Beginning development of version 4, it was clear that we wanted to base all client architectures on a new, well-defined Client API. So that’s what we did.

This Client API is now fully documented and available to the public. Now, you can develop your own client or connect 7pace Timetracker to existing automations in your IT landscape – the opportunities are endless.

(The interface for C-R-U-D operations, for actions such as adding or deleting complete records will be released shortly.)

Smartphone Client

The 7pace Timetracker Smartphone client will, without question, change the way you record your activities forever.

Imagine you are in a meeting and want to change what work item you are tracking time on? Quickly check your current activity?

Smartphone geeks will find it even more satisfying to control their tracking from their mobile, even if they are sitting in front of their desktop!

The 7pace Timetracker for iOS/Android will be available as a preview within the next days. Please register here to start early testing and provide feedback!

Start Now!

7pace Timetracker for TFS is available for download NOW:
If you own a 7pace Timetracker for TFS subscription, this update is included in your plan, free of cost.

Find out all about Timetracker 4 in the documentation:

7pace Timetracker for VSTS has already been rolled out to accounts, starting at the end of October. By the end of November 2017, all existing accounts, including trial and new accounts, will be updated to version 4.

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01-02-2018 09:10

The previous client could be started from command line, to track a specific item, is that still possible in the new client. Version 3 I could start like this: start timetrackervso:id$issue\$url=$tfsurl

Rick Wolff

04-11-2018 15:13

The time tracker could have a "Pomodoro mode". Where the tracker would notify every 25 minutes for us to stop for 5 minutes. Like the Pomello does for Trello.