Published:Nov 12, 2019

The Dawn of 7pace Timetracker 5.0: Reporting is here!

Timetracker 5 Microsoft Azure DeVops Release

7pace Timetracker 5 for Microsoft Azure DevOps is rolling out, featuring personal reporting dashboards!

After four years of collecting feature requests, gathering requirements, and two years of development and pilot testing with 50 enterprise customers, today is the day. The 7pace Timetracker 5.0 release includes a full reporting experience.

The new ‘Reporting’ page introduces unlimited ways to collect and present time recording data from within 7pace Timetracker.

Reporting Page Timetracker 5 Microsoft Azure DeVops

Have you ever wanted to create a report that groups tracked time by feature or top-level item?

Or maybe needed a report that rolls up to an Epic and shows your team’s time broken down by user for a certain date range?

These features and more are now possible within the new ‘Reporting’ page. 

Reporting features Timetracker 5 Microsoft Azure DeVops

Right out of the gate, we’ve included six user-friendly default reports: Backlog Report, Epics Report, Last Tracks, Personal Overview, Team Overview Report, and Team Overview Report (Date Period).

Additionally, users can edit any of these reports, create their own or delete reports they don’t need.

Widgets customization is also endless. In addition to the 7+ reporting Widget types, users can also add, edit, reorder or delete columns to Widgets, and import or export Widget definitions. 

Widget customization Timetracker 5 Microsoft Azure DeVops

What else is new…

We’re constantly rolling out updates to 7pace Timetracker based on user requests and the product roadmap. If you haven’t updated since the last major release (Timetracker 4.0), you might have missed out on some really cool features we have included over the last few months. Here’s a list of some additional new features that are included in Timetracker 5.0.

  • The brand new ‘Add Time’ dialog, with lots of space for future enhancements and a completely revised time entering fields
  • Dark Theme, beautifully supporting all color themes from Azure DevOps
  • The Approval section has been significantly reworked and now offers the option to assign dedicated approval managers
  • The Settings section had several updates, including a new design, cross-project settings, in-product subscription management and a new permission management
  • Rules have been introduced (like activity types, comment, etc.)
  • Application-wide improvements, such as new Hotkeys and updates to the Windows Client, Times Explorer and overall usability

How to get Timetracker 5 & reporting

Current Azure DevOps cloud customers, this update will be rolled out in batches over the next few weeks from today to the end of December. That means you might not see the Reporting page within Timetracker right now, but you can request it.

The first roll-out starts today, so if you and your team are interested in getting Reporting earlier, please click here to request it or send us an email at

On-Prem Download

Customers can download the latest release of 7pace Timetracker (on-prem) for DevOps Server for Windows.

Getting Started

Our “Reporting” documentation library can be found here. For the full list of improvements, fixes, and details on this and all other releases, please check our release articles here.

We encourage you to jump right in, play around, and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know here or send us an email at

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