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9 Best Toggl Alternative For Software Teams
Published:Jun 21, 2022

9 Best Toggl Alternative For Software Teams

Toggl is a popular time tracking tool with additional project management and recruitment capabilities. However, many find that it isn’t the best solution to their project time tracking needs—especially when it comes to helping software developers manage their time.

The software has limited reporting options, so development teams can’t gain deeper insights into their performance to improve their processes.

Additionally, Toggl time tracker offers limited productivity features. Also, you have to pay separately for the time tracking, project management, and recruitment components.

There are many Toggl alternatives on the market. But which one is right for you?

We have done the legwork and narrowed the options to those more useful for software development teams. Let’s take a look.

7pace: Best Toggl Alternative for Software Teams

7pace Timetracker is created for developers by developers. It tracks time where you work—directly on Azure DevOps or Github—so you don’t have to log into another app, jump through the hoops, and guesstimate how much time you spent on a task two weeks ago.

You can associate your time with each work item to gain granular, real-time insights and identify issues hampering your progress. You can also leverage historical data and insights to help create accurate sprint estimates for future projects.

Unlike most time-tracking solutions, developers own their data on 7pace. You can track your growth and progress across all your projects (including personal ones) all in one place and take your record with you whether you work as an employee or freelancer.

Best Toggl Alternative for Software Teams

Clockify: Best Free Time Tracking Toggl Alternative

Besides the simple time tracking function, Clockify offers timesheets and reporting features to help teams track productivity, attendance, and billable hours. You can record tasks automatically or input time entries manually.

The calendar view helps you visualize your work week and see which days are more productive. You can track work hours spent on web apps such as Jira, ClickUp, GitHub, etc., and use the billing feature to create invoices and bill clients based on tracked time.

However, you can’t update entries on the desktop app. Instead, you have to take an extra step and log into the web app to make changes. The software doesn’t have invoicing features, so you’ll need to enter the data manually into another app.

Clockify: Best Free Time Tracking Toggl Alternative

Time Doctor: Best Toggl Alternative for Remote Teams

This time management software offers activity tracking and website monitoring features to help project managers gain deeper insights into team members’ performance and improve their workflows. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

You can track progress offline without an internet connection and get a Distraction Alert when you spend too much time on non-work-related websites or remain idle for too long.

However, you can’t track time directly with the desktop app. Instead, you have to take an extra step and log into the web app to make changes. The software doesn’t have an invoicing feature, so you’ll need to manually enter the data into another app.

Time Doctor: Best Toggl Alternative for Remote Teams

Other Toggl Alternatives To Consider

There are many employee time tracking tools on the market, each with its pros and cons. Here are some options to consider:


This app offers analytics to help users improve their focus, boost their productivity, and find more opportunities to do deep work. You can set a daily Focus Work goal and block access to specific websites when your Focus Session is activated.


This time tracking and project management software is an all-in-one solution that helps teams visualize and schedule workloads. It integrates with project management software such as Trello, Basecamp, Asana, etc., so users can track time within the apps.


Best for small businesses, Harvest offers profit and expense tracking and invoicing capabilities. It has a Chrome extension and integrates with Forecast (a project management tool) plus PayPal and Stripe to streamline payment collection.


Its desktop, web, and mobile apps help managers monitor employee productivity with idle time detection capabilities. You can also plan and schedule shifts, track team attendance or time off, and send payment via PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Bitwage.


You can gain task management and project performance insights with Timecamp’s attendance tracking feature, which helps you monitor clock ins-and-outs, leaves, overtime, and productive vs. idle time.


DeskTime is an automatic time tracking software with detailed work activity and productivity analysis to help you track time spent on URLs, programs, and document titles. You can also use the built-in Pomodoro feature to remind you to take breaks and boost productivity.

Which Toggl Alternative Is Right For You?

When choosing a time tracking application, consider how many team members will be using the tool, the type of platform your team works on, and additional features you need (e.g., scheduling, invoicing, employee monitoring, reporting.)

Sign up for the free version or free trial to see if a tool works well with your current workflows. Consider its API integrations to see if it plays nice with other software you’re already using (e.g., accounting, project management, etc.)

Also, consider the pricing structure to see which plan you need. Some platforms offer a free plan for basic functions and premium plans for additional features or integrations.

For software developers, tracking time is more than filling out timesheets. It can also give you granular and accurate data to understand how your team works, improve processes, and make better software estimations.

To reap these benefits, you need a tool to track your time where you work (e.g., Azure DevOps, Github) and automatically associate the time with specific work items. It should also allow you to generate detailed reports and analyze data in real-time to identify red flags and course-correct.

7pace is designed specifically for software development teams to give you the insights you need to refine your processes. But don’t take our words for it—check out these reviews on GetApp and Capterra to see why users love our Timetracker.

The proof is in the pudding: Sign up for 7pace and see it in action.

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