Published:Oct 21, 2020

Using Data to Make Better Delivery Estimates Webinar

Your estimates say that you are productive 8 hours a day… but you’re wrong.

8 hours is the typical amount of time that a knowledge worker has available to him to complete his tasks each day, but studies have shown that most people are able to do just under three hours of focused, productive work. Why do we make delivery estimations based on an 8 hour day? Let’s kill the guessing game by providing product development teams the data they need to make better estimates.

So when will you start making data-driven delivery estimates?

What is covered in this webinar…

  • How to give yourself a productivity reality check
  • Tips and tricks for estimating time more realistically
  • Time tracking app suggestions for software developers and development teams
  • Correlating effort with time estimates
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Rethinking Timekeeping for Developers:

Turning a Timesuck Into Time Well Spent

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