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Published:May 11, 2017

We Proudly Present: The New Blog

If you’re reading this message, it’s because you’ve found your way to our new blog.

A few months ago, we changed our name and our brand to 7pace. Now, we’re doing something else new and officially launching our blog.

If you’d like to hear stuff that we have to say, this will be the best place to do that. Our blog will contain four main categories:

  • Time to code – We’ll wax poetic about topics related to software development, teamwork, and developer culture.
  • 7pace – See how the sausage is made, when we make changes, and what’s happening inside our team.
  • Watch – Video tutorials, learning, and training on using 7pace products.
  • Updates –  Software updates, new features, and bug fixes.

From time to time, we’ll have interviews and articles from other developers to get a fresh perspective and learn how others are working.

What’s to come

No, we’re not just going to blabber on about how great we are and why you should use our product.

We want to use our platform to discuss issues facing software teams, how to work together, and the culture of software development. We’ll be addressing any number of topics, but they’ll all be relevant to software developers, development managers, and project managers.

Our goal is pretty simple. We want software development to keep improving. So, we’re going to talk about ways for it to get better and discuss those ideas with other people.

If you like the things we say, then share them so more people can read those things.

If you’d like to see all of our posts, subscribe by email or find us on Twitter or Facebook. (We’ll be posting more often in both places now that we have things to talk about.)

Read the blog, discuss, and learn something new.

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