Per-user Pricing for every team.

Integrated Time Tracking

  • Put time to workitems in DevOps
  • Strong 'forever' link of time and workitem
  • Track time with the timer
  • Add time manually
  • Import time from Excel
  • Add time from DevOps work item form
  • Add time from Timetracker calendar
  • Add time from Timetracker timesheet
  • Track time from Windows client
  • Track time from Mobile client
  • Put time without workitems as comment only
  • Track from 7pace Kitten (pomodoro timer)
  • Edit, Delete time from within DevOps
  • 'Still tracking?' reminders
  • DevOps projects integration Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Manage Worklogs

  • Add activity tag
  • Personal/team activity standard setting
  • Add comments to time
  • Bulk edit records
  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly timesheet
  • Times Explorer
  • Set billable amount of hours
  • Keyboard optimized UI


  • Azure DevOps built-in reporting
  • Time data in DevOps queries and charts
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Billable time
  • Saved reports
  • Approval status
  • Available In-DevOps in workitem form
  • Time stats at epic, feature and item level
  • All DevOps fields selectable in Times Explorer
  • Original estimate vs. tracked time
  • Performance indicator ('Pace')
  • Time records history Unlimited Unlimited 1000 per User *)

Worklog Approval

  • Submit for approval
  • Select manager
  • Approval timesheets
  • Approval drill down data
  • Archive/unarchive timesheets
  • Lock timesheets

Project Management

  • Plan in DevOps, monitor in Timetracker
  • Plan, monitor, analyze Budgets
  • Automatically/manually assign items to Budgets
  • Assign iterations to Budgets
  • Assign time records to Budgets
  • Monitor real time use in Budgets
  • Identify development bottlenecks from Iteration view
  • Automate sprint burndown
  • Story points usage in Iteration view
  • Iteration analysis
  • DevOps organizations / Instances Unlimited 1 1


  • Reporting API (REST) - Report/Analyse
  • CRUD API - Manage Records
  • Time Tracking API - Call tracking engine
  • API Limit Unlimited Unlimited 100 CALLS **)
  • Feed DevOps Complete Work
  • Feed DevOps Remaining Time
  • Feed DevOps Original Estimate
  • Export to file


  • Mobile app (iOS, Android)
  • Desktop app (Windows)

* In Start edition 1,000 records per organization; in Free edition 500 records per account.
** In Start edition 100 calls per hour per organization; in Free edition 30 calls per hour per organization.

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