Geo-distribution makes 7pace Timetracker faster for your team.

Store your 7pace Timetracker data in a region of your choice

Choose your Datacenter

Your data, your choice. Choose from an Azure datacenter near your base of operations to increase speed and fulfil any data agreements your company has.

Make Timetracker Faster

With your 7pace Timetracker data stored nearby, you’ll notice a performance boost and Timetracker will be faster for your team.

Security is the #1 Priority

7pace Timetracker operates at the highest level of security and follows European data laws. We will not move data without your consent.


Changing your datacenter is easy with our technical specialists in support. Just let them know you want to move your data and we’ll give you a data-movement window.


How do I get geo-distribution for my team?

To get geo-distribution for your team, please contact support. They will let you know what datacenter you are currently located in and options for moving your data to a datacenter of your choice.

What does geo-distribution do?

Previously, we hosted all data solely in the Azure West Europe datacenter. In order to make Timetracker faster and respond to organization’s data security requirements, you can now choose between three new data locations. For more technical questions, check out this support article.

  • Azure West Europe
  • Azure Central US
  • Azure South India
  • Azure Australia East

What Timetracker location is right for our organization?

Other than having an organization’s policy where data should be stored, we recommend that you choose a Timetracker data location as close as possible to your Azure DevOps data location, to improve Timetracker performance. You can learn more about Azure DevOps data locations here.

Do we have to do anything in settings or does this happen automatically?

No. After agreement on the location change, we will schedule the transfer and notify you on your estimated transfer date and timeframe.

Is it more secure?

The short answer is, this change does not alter the high level of security consciousness at which 7pace Timetracker operates Simply put, geo-distribution allows you to choose your datacenter. Transfering your data will be done only upon your consent.

Is our data stored somewhere other than the chosen data center?

All data is stored in the data location of choice. We store data in the previous data location for three months. Data can be wiped from the previous data location earlier than after 3 months by request in technical support.

Can we change the data location later?

Yes, please contact technical support to schedule the change of your organization’s data location.

Our organization’s members are located in different countries, can we have data distributed in US and Europe?

No. In order to keep a high level of data security, you can only store your organization’s data location in one datacenter. Data is not distributed or processed among the regions.

If you’d like to do so, we offer a private instance of Timetracker based on Azure cloud that serves only your organization(s). Contact to learn more.

We have people all over the world; which data center should they use?

We recommend that you choose the Timetracker’s data location that is as close as possible, geographically, to your Azure DevOps data location. You can find this on your DevOps organization Settings Overview page Learn more here.

Still have more questions? Contact 7pace Support for more information

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