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25 People. 9 Time Zones. 5 Countries. 3 Continents. 1 Goal.

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Our Team



Writes code. Likes Stephen Hawking’s books. Does programming in free time to rest from programming in the office. Not talks too much.



Helps the team. Creates apps (sometimes). Insane perfectionist. Addicted to working out and software development.



Talks too much (they say). Wrote code. Writes mails. Does software companies since the 90’s. Loves being with his family and learning new stuff (currently it’s playing drums).


Product Designer

Visual artist, likes to travel, loves Jazz (his cat), can’t yet decide between heavy metal or soundtracks, prefers South-Korean cinematography but also binge-watching Netflix. Still thinks sarcasm is funny.



Writes code. Likes to tackle the most complicated tasks. Huge fan of motor sport and cars in general. Amateur goalkeeper, tireless gamer.


Marketing Manager

English, Turkish, and German speaking marketing manager in Munich. Loves rock climbing, biking, whiskey, and anything Stargate SG1.



Felt in love with my job, traveling, hip-hop and electronic music. Could be too serious or infantile sometimes.



Working from beautiful Munich, Germany. Raised in Unterschleißheim, outside of the city. On the weekends you’ll catch me dancing, skiing, hiking and traveling as much as possible.


Developer, Customer Success Manager

Writes code. Loves extreme activities (freeride, motorsport). Tries to make Customers happy, as a Customer Success Manager.


Customer Success Manager

Extroverted introvert. Proud Canuck. Warped sense of humour (mostly comprised of stolen “Seinfeld” quotes). Loves Oprah and sushi (except octopus). Obessed with true crime shows (husband sleeps with one eye open at night). Loving life back in Nova Scotia after living in Florida for 15 years.


Marketing Assistant

From Brazil to Germany through the United States. Marketing master with music background. Likes all dogs and most people. Grew up on Harry Potter and Nintendo. Spends way too much time on 9GAG.



Likes writing code, petting cats and snowboarding. Feels sad that he can’t do all these simultaneously.


QA Engineer

Tries to check all and everything. Engaged in extreme activities and cynology in spare time. Loves dogs. Fan of sci-fi/fantasy literature and heavy music.


Content Marketing Lead

Writes words. Can’t code.


QA Engineer

I like to catch Heisenbugs. I know for sure that black and white boxes differ in more ways than mere color. I believe that perfection is made up of small things — that’s why “pixel perfect” could truly be called my credo. In my spare time, I love reading great literature and playing intellectual games.



Writes code. Likes rewrite other developer’s code. Travel as much as I can.


Social Media Manager

Web development background (I taught myself HTML & CSS when I was 11!), content creator nowadays. I love learning new things and building community.


Finance assistant

Sandra coordinates, organizes and keeps track of everything 😉 – especially in the professional field but also in private life. Because as a mom of two kids, a small family business has to be managed.



Love Code ( Responsive and WordPress ), Love nature ( mountains, Green & water with deep silience ), so, I tour on Bike to capture all the beauty, freshness and nature, Love to play real Snooker and Game 8 ball pool, Not much social, Family Oriented.



‘Per aspera ad astra’ – this is my motto. Don’t have any bad habits. Loves music (from classic to rap), history, PC games. When i have inspiration, i write poems and stories.



Young, hot, knows nothing. Good at pretending to be a programmer.


CRM Strategy Manager

Polish, English & now also German speaker. Dancer & an arthritis warrior. Don’t listen or read the news, trying to live a life full of positivity & happiness. Flaws? Brutal honesty.

We need you.

Product Owner

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

We are looking for an experienced Product Owner who is passionate about building products that customers love. You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional teams to design, build and roll-out products that deliver the company’s vision and strategy.

.NET Developer

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

We are looking for a .NET full stack developer to work on our standard solution for commercial customers, which addresses IT departments and software developers like us.